Friday, April 18, 2008

the rice crisis

The rice crisis in the Philippines has caused panic especially among the "have nots". So everybody's talking about it now. Media have nothing in them but the rice crisis and nothing more! So what happened to the ZTE deal now? All forgotten? Everybody's attention is on the rice crisis. Is this real or just another tactic to divert people's attention away from the hot graft and corruption issue involving billions of dollars. Why can't we see the connection between this rice crisis and the ZTE and other deals? We as a people always have the tendency to look at fragments. We usually fail to look at the bigger picture and the possible connections between this problem and that problem.

I was at the wet market this morning and witnessed for the first time the seriousness of the "problem". A long, long line of people were lined up to buy rice from government-subsidized rice outlets. At the moment the beings in power seem to probably feel so powerful for being able to "save" majority of the population from hunger by providing the only cheap rice available. Again, my question remains: Is the President involved in the many corrupt "deals"?

Come on, let us not be confused. There is rice and food for those who labor. But let us finish what we have started---to search for truth until we get it.