Saturday, June 30, 2007

Review: Moms-online

It looks simple. No attractive header, lay-out is provided by blogger, and graphics are nowhere in sight.

What ever happened to its owner? The last update was about a month ago. I wonder if the blog has been deserted by its owner or what.

Obviously, it is a money-generating blog and there are some helpful tips and guide to moneymaking sites the blogger has tried.

I would like to know if the owner is still in the house or is busy with other tasks offline.

Updates are important to the lifetime of the blog. Silence and nothingness for long periods could lead to its demise.

Rating: 6.0

Thursday, June 28, 2007

hosting/emceeing rates

If you have some talent in public speaking, you can generate some additional income from it by hosting or emceeing shows or weddings. Rates of course would vary according to the degree of preparation a person put in long before the show.

I know that professional speakers in the US could command very high fees but in 3rd world countries like the Philippines, rates are competitive.

I received a call just 30 minutes ago asking about the rate of hosting a wedding. I gave her the possible fees ranging from Php 5,000 up.

How does one justify the high rates? Well, this task is special. It requires the expertise or talent of the host who has to come in his best clothes. He prepares for this event long before and while not many people would relish to be the center of attention, the host/emcee goes up there in front of everybody and holds the key to the success or failure of the presentation. If something goes wrong and you have a professional host to save the moment, then it could be worth paying that much amount.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Google: the best place to work in the US

It was recently featured on Oprah naming Google as the best place to work in the US. "Everything is free", says one of the co-founders of Google who revealed that Google only started at a small garage four years ago. Now, it has more than 10,000 employees all over the world and those who work at Google can avail of spa, haircut, gym, laundry service, day care service for kids and pets, massage, gourmet food from 11 different cafeterias etc. all for FREE.

Oprah half-jokingly said that pretty soon all of us would be wanting to work with Google. When Google first advertised for workers, it emphasized its need for "Nerds". Yes, Google looks at records and grades and you better belong to the top bracket of your class to get hired.

Salaries at Google are competitive but again, talks circulate that there are a number of employees who are earning millions.

Online or offline, it's Google where people wanna go.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Review: JObzonline

The site does not contain any graphic frills. It's a helpful site especially to those who would like to earn more online, this one gives you tips on how you can monetize your online activities.

Graphic/design: simple but it looks professionally done

Content: all about jobs and moneymaking online as the title says

Style: simple and direct, it goes with the content

All in all the site looks good, but it could use some graphics to make the site look more alive.

Rating: 8.9

Friday, June 22, 2007

finding one's niche

Since blogging has become a popular tool in promoting products or services, presenting news, or narrating simple day-to-day events, writers of all types have taken in the trend and have now created a new breed of writing which has quick access to instant publication. However, one problem bloggers face today is gaining followers or an audience who will keep on coming back to their blogs for updates. Usually, visitors will only drop by once upon invitation and never come back.

The first thing to ask is finding people who will be interested in what you have to write. So you have a blog. Make sure that your blog is meant only for a specific audience. It is a fatal mistake for some bloggers to attempt to write about anything under the sun. That was how I started with my first blog. I wrote about anything and everything that sparked my interest. When I heard about the importance of nicheing, I stopped and changed direction. I am now trying to steer my first blog into a specific niche in order to get a more targeted audience.

Finding one's niche is easy. The only thing you need to do is to know your passion, what ignites you, what interests you then write about this or these. If you have 3 different interests like automotive, home designing, and physical fitness, then youhave 3 different niches there. Yes, you can have as many blogs as you want depending on your interests.

This is the reason why I have created 4 blogs. I know of someone who has a dozen blogs and I learned of someone who intends to open 50 blogs. My four blogs contain my varied interests and passions:

Of course, my first interest is my life so I have which contains a woman's, mother's, grandmother's day-to-day struggles. is my first blog ever which became the catch-all of all my past musings and is now being groomed to contain topics on education, teaching, public speaking, speech, and English as subject. My is all about important events, special occasions, milestones to which I got usually invited as emcee and finall this blog which contains anything having to do with money, improving one's site or blog, traffic, exchange links.

Have I finally found my niche? I think so. So they steps in finding your niche are:

Passion. Find your passion.
Write or blog about this. Use or

Let people know about your existence via forums.
Update regularly.
Exchange Links.
Submit your url to many search engines.
Make money by putting adsense on your blog.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

the secret to getting rich

Somebody at a forum asked this most asked question:

How do I become rich?

If there is any single formula to getting rich, then we would have eradicated global poverty a long time ago. The fact that the world is still saddled by problems related to poverty only means that the answer to the question remains a puzzle. Those who have made it---Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump seem to have one thing in common---PASSION which they had pursued and are still pursuing.

Many realize too late after doing their work for 25 years that their work is not really their passion thus they have remained stagnant.

Passion is what drives a person to do something in an extra special way. It is loving what one is doing and doing what one loves to do. One cannot but succeed if one pursues his or her passion. What is your passion? Is it cooking? teaching? writing? speaking? drawing? singing? Discover it and go after it. There is no way that you can go wrong with this. It could be the answer to this most asked question--how do I become rich?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

wanna earn monthly from Google?

Websites or weblogs which display Google adsense need to work hard to increase traffic if they look forward to earning monthly from it.

Google only sends payout it your income for any month reaches $100 and this means a daily ad earnings of $3.50.

If your site or blog earns $3.50 per day from ads, then you get a little over a hundred dollars earnings per month. But why aim for only a hundred when other people have proven that it is possible to earn a lot, lot more! How? Again, I give the same answer: more and more traffic.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

hypnosis as the answer to problems (a review)

I was hypnotized when I got into this site because there is just a lot in it. After clicking on one of the articles I was redirected to a page with several topics on hypnosis---hypnosis for stage fright, hypnosis for health problems as well as marital issues. It sounds incredible but I was there and I saw everything with my own two eyes. I was so convinced that I immediately signed up as an affiliate for the program. If you are interested to also earn by being an affiliate to this program, just give this a click.

Surfing the site is easy but you just need to have plenty of time in your hands to be able to see everything, for it has loads of helpful information that are beneficial to everyone.

Design/layout: Very good. It looks businesslike and professional. The header is especially welcoming and upbeat.

Content: Excellent, well-written articles. You'd love going back to the site for them.Those seeking to earn from their blogs or sites should consider this site. I only have two thumbs so I can only say, two thumbs up for Wendy and her team!

Rating: 9.5 I don't believe in perfection. Only God, they say, is perfect and I likewise think that there should always be room and space for growth.


Saturday, June 16, 2007

how're things between e-bay and Google?

News was out very recently that a rift happened between e-bay, one of Google's top advertiser, and Google, the world's number one search engine giant. The friction was a result of one of the two parties' scheduling a launch party on the same time and day that e-bay was having its own party. It seems like one or the other was sending the wrong message that resulted in the pull-out of e-bay from Google's advertising account. According to the news e-bay brings in huge advertising revenues to Google and its pullout could hurt Google's income.

On the other hand, Google has launched a new product or service that offers another paying option to advertisers but which does not directly affect Paypal. More details of this new service will be up soon.

Friday, June 15, 2007

an entirely different blog

One of those blogs submitted for review on this site is a blog by a lesbian who is an American living in Europe and had started this blog since March of this year, making it to its 3rd month now.

Header: Multi-colored, the use of several colors in the header is reflective of the colorful lifestyle of the blogger which is evident in the content of her blog entries. I should say it is relevant to its content and could not have chosen a better one than this.

Lay-out/design: Clean, easy to navigate. I find it ironical that the background of this lesbian blog is a predominantly pink, something that is least expected of someone who "feels" more male than female, at least in the romantic sense of the word.

Content: Good only for mature readers but for young readers, no, I wouldn't advise them to tread this path. The blogger's writing style is excellent and for a 3-month-old blog I think this blog is something to reckon with. Since the time it started the blogger has been faithfully updating her blog, bringing in something new each time. One revelation that sticks out in this blog is the fact that the writer does not just go for any woman. Much emphasis is given to what she's got up there between her ears. She wants 'em SMART to ever get close to her idea of a desirable woman.
Over-all, I think it's worth a read and a visit but then again, I wouldn't recommend this to young visitors.

Rating: 9 Keep it up!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

50 blogs

Fifty blogs by one person? Did I get this right?

A friend's blog gave me this info that he is coming up with 50 blogs. OMG! That would be like not getting any sleep anymore from all the updating and promoting work you have to do. Right now I am trying to make 4 blogs updated and honestly, it isn't like a breeze. Even the minds of geniuses could sometimes go blank or experience some drought moments that no matter how hard you try, nothing drips. Or is it a matter of practice? Which leads me to the next question and which I hope my friend Dale will come across to answer.

Does the quantity of your blogs spell additonal revenues? Let's say you got your 50 blogs to update and in each of these you have set up ads by Google the income of which all goes to your single account. Does this actually lead to increase your earnings? I would like to hear from those who have the opened many blogs. Are you getting enough revenues from them collectively?

Monday, June 11, 2007

my last e-gold transaction

I got my 3rd Mylot earnings just this morning and in fairness to pgx, this transaction was the fastest compared to the two previous payouts. Credit should go to the rep of pgx, a guy named Santi who made everything possible. Well, just when things are starting to get easier, we are forced by circumstances to make a change from e-gold to Moneybookers. Based on the feedback of those who had tried using Moneybookers, they say it is user-friendly, a lot easier than e-gold. We will have to see about that.

I have started signing up with Moneybrokers but could not continue because there was one field that needed info from our bank. Anyways, after we get and type in the code needed, it is hoped that transacting with Moneybookers would be as easy as ABC. I will see about this.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

everything is given FREE

Software Giveaway is doing just that---gives you free downloads on everything you need to make your internet experience more enjoyable and fast.

A quick visit to the site will give you an idea as to where you can get your internet updates for free. You can download specific software that will improve the speed of your internet.

At a glance the blog gives you a combination of blue and yellow which gives it a sort of masculine look. I learned when I went to its archives that this site is quite new in the game so it could use some traffic from those of you who drop by to visit here.

In spite of its novelty, I can see the promise of this blog because of the uniqueness or newness of its service. But its best feature is the stuff that it is giving away FOR FREE.

Friday, June 8, 2007

bring in the money

There are some cultures which have interesting beliefs pertaining to money. This is particularly true in many parts of Asia. We attach many beliefs and symbols associated to money. Anyway, you don't lose anything if you follow any of these. I am trying to remember as many beliefs I could think of in order for people to know if they are in synch with them. If so, it could mean wealth and prosperity to the family or person. Here are some of the beliefs---take 'em or leave them.

1. red wallet -- one famous celebrity who is raking in millions per month said that she has been using red wallets to hold her money. This actress believes that a "red wallet" brings in money. Whether this is the secret to her wealth or not, everybody knows that she is the country's highest taxpayer.

2. dotted dress or outfit -- wearing one during New year's Day will bring in lots of money. The dots here stand for money.

3. coins and rice --- in transferring to a new house, it is said to be good to sprinkle a mixture of coins and rice in every corner of the house---coins and rice symbolize wealth and prosperity.

4. a diamond-shaped line in your palms means that money comes in easy for you --- A palm reader said that this could indicate great forthcoming wealth for the person. Start searching for diamond lines in your palms now.

5. non-stop flow of water --- If you dream of water flowing non-stop it could mean two things--- money coming in fast and making a quick exit

6. brown butterfly --- If you get visited by a brown butterfly, that could mean the arrival of money

7. wedding dance --- In one culture, the pinning of cash during the wedding dance of the newly-wed couple means economic prosperity for the couple

I am sure there are other beliefs similar to the above. If you know of one or two, please share them here.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

saving tips

The prices of gasoline and diesel are going up again and when this happens, prices of commodities instantly take the same course. We the consumers are left wondering how our incomes for this period will be able to take us to the next payday. When you drive to work everyday the amount of money spent on gasoline can really hurt your pocket. For one who is bent in beating gas price hike, commuting could be the best alternative. Maybe at first you might try using public transport three times a week for a couple of months and making it daily after that. This can really mean big savings for you. Trips using your car should be planned and not done at the spur-of-moment because there is a lot of money wasted when you do this. Like for instance in going to the supermarket, doing it once a week can prove less costly compared to those who do it everyday. This is another way of saving money.

Dieting. I am not saying starving, but dieting could mean saving some money because much of our budget goes in buying expensive caloric food which is not good for the health. Cut down on certain food consumptions which in the end will prove harmful and more expensive to you. Here's a list of some food items you don't have to include in your grocery list:

1. sodas

2. greasy butter

3. cakes

4. candies

5. ice cream

6. chocolates

7. Nachos

8.other junk food

Sometimes we have the tendency to purchase stuff that we do not need. This holds true for food and other items. Be aware of what you buy, consider its benefits. Do you really need it? If not, don't put it in your cart. When your kid or someone is with you at the supermarket, he might slip in an item into the cart without your knowledge so try to check each item at the cashier's.

Save on power. Make it a habit to switch off all unused lights or appliances. You can also require all members of the family to do the same. Sometimes power is wasted because for instance a fan is on and no one is there, this could mean money wasted for all you know.

Check on water leaks. See to it that your water pipes do not have leaks because you could be paying for water that gets wasted because of this. Recycle water. Water used for washing clothes can be recycled to clean the toilet or water the plants. Water is money. Remember this each time you waste it, you are actually wasting money.

So basically our hard-earned money goes to these four major areas: food, gas, power, water. Limit, diet, recycle, plan, commute---all these techniques spell SAVINGS.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

blog catch: onlinetop5

As promised, I will be featuring one blog a week on this corner and our blog catch for this week is onlinetop5 owned by one of my friends at Mylot. A visit to the site gave me information of value especially for people like me who want to find some good paying sites online. This is actually a very new blog hosted by blogger.

The blog owner is sharing with us his top 5 moneymaking sites, some tips on how to augment one's income on them, as well as honest information as to the things he does not like about these sites.

The template is very simple, no attempt was done by the owner to give it a more personalized look, and the background is quite dark. All in all, I would like to say, that given more time I think the owner here will be able to make this site a much more visitable site in the future. To all those whose sites are scheduled for review, please find time to visit to read the short review. You just don't know what even short reviews like this can do to your site in terms of traffic.

Friday, June 1, 2007

wanna start your own business? here are 6 super start ups

According to the most recent statistics available from the Kauffman Foundation which tracks and promotes new entrepreneurs, an average of 464,000 adults create new businesses every month.

Starting a new business is complicated, risky and all-consuming and many of those who started barely make it big. 2/3 of new business survive at least 2 years, while only 44% survive at least 4 years. So if you're thinking of putting up your own business, think again. Consider the following before plunging into something you hardly know. This might save you from needless spending and overwork:

1. Determine if you're an entrepreneur or just a wannabe. What are the signs that you are one of these? If you are willing to take calculated risks, and you have a mix of optimism, high energy and an ability to live with ambiguity, then you're more like it. If you have that inclination to build something and you are prepared to wear many hats, one who is willing to change roles anytime from meeting with the chairman of the board, then back to the office to fix the toilet, then you're the guy who will most likely make it.

2. Pinpoint an opportunity. Begin with your interest, start with what you know and are most passionate about, then find an underlying need that's not been fully met.

3. Make sure there is a market for your idea. Talk to as many potential customers as you can.

4. Write a business plan. Determine the following:

What is your product or service?

Who are your customers? What are their needs? Are you able to address these needs? It is

time to turn your idea into a money-making venture.

5. Determine your business structure. You have 4 basic choices here: sole proprietorship, partnership, LLC (limited liability company), corporation

6. Look for funding. It is not a good idea to start dipping into your savings. You have nothing to fall back on should something will be amiss.