Thursday, May 31, 2007

time lost is money lost

My two days had been a nightmare without the internet. It means wasted time and we know that lost time means money lost.

I wasn't able to achieve my daily goal at Mylot and missed to update my blogs for a couple of days. For me, this is very bad.

What happened was our pc had to be repaired and virus-scanned because it had been misbehaving and would not let us access the internet. It had to stay at the shop (Algorithm) for two days. When it finally came home, people in the house got busy with their online tasks too, so I had to wait again.

I am wondering until now how my pc got the virus which made internet access impossible. Sometimes it could hurt the gadget beyond repair. I am glad that our pc is now virus-free. It is extremely boring not to have your pc around. As many people often say, it is not just the money, but the community.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

where do you get your referrals?

A number of users at Mylot had expressed their desire to have referrals but have no idea how. Here are suggestions or real places where you could get your referals:

1. immediate members of the family provided they are of majority age---I was able to get my son (inactive) and my sister who is now actively participating here (lucky me)

2. neighbors---those with internet is a must

3. friends--close, casual, online or offline

4. officemates

5.other forums

6. classmates (if you are a student)

7. your students (if you're a teacher)---I was able to get many here but they are no longer active
8. others

Even strangers or new acquaintances can become your referrals. When you meet friends, simply ask for their names and e-mail addresses and tell them that you are inviting them to join a discussion group. Remember to always give support to your referrals.

Monday, May 28, 2007

this week's blog feature: the vegan prince

The Vegan Prince
Our first featured blog of the week has on its header the title in green "the vegan prince" - clean, symbolic, direct. A quick look at the blog will tell you that the blogger here knows what he is saying. He practices it and therefore has the authority to talk about a topic which he says has become a passion: pets and as a consequence, veganism.
The template is unique, it shows the creativity of the owner and the language is easy and not strained. The blog runs in pure white background which makes it easy on the eyes. One good thing about this blog is its daily update and you can never tell what he's cooking next. It could be about Oprah's show, about a movie, or beauty pageants - these make the blog more alive and updated as the readers are sometimes led to other more pressing issues that are worth your while. When the dust has subsided, after all has been said and done, the vegan prince goes back to his true passion--- his pets and veganism. You must be tired of reading almost the same rants and money talk in bloggerville. Try this new recipe.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

blog catch of the week

How does it work?

Every week starting this week this blog will feature one weblog which is worthy of your visit. This week's catch is a promising vegan, pet, and beauty blog called It has all the ingredients of a good blog: good header, worthy reads, and relevant daily updates. This blog has already gained loyal followers because the writer here is writing about a passion he is not willing to compromise for anything.

How does one get featured here? Simple. Those who give comments with their url will automatically be visited and featured.

Do you have a blog you would like to share with everyone? Let us know about it. Leave your url here please with your comment.
Please note that on the upper right hand corner of this page you have a list of the blogs on schedule. The order is going to be from the bottom going up. Some of them gave their links or url at Mylot.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

the least visited

Of all the four blogs I have, this one is the least visited based on the numbers that the counters show. What does this mean? It could mean many things actually:

1. People are tired of all this money talk that leads them nowhere.

2. Sites or blogs of this nature (money-making) are just too many. The market is saturated and there is no more room for one more.

3. People know everything there is to know about money.

4. People are no longer interested in money.

Whatever the reasons are, I respect them. People do get tired listening to the same hype over and over again. I was into that situation a lot of times until I thought of having this one which will be the catch-all of topics I have regarding money---getting , losing , retrieving, finding money. Although this blog is the least visited in comparison to my other blogs (take note, I am only making my blogs as reference here), I still will keep on posting and talking about my favorite subject: MONEY.

One day, who knows, I might just have a golden story to share with you. In the meantime, why don't you look around and do your treasure-hunt right in this very page. They're everywhere! Come on, start digging! (wink)

Friday, May 25, 2007

turn words into money now

There are myriads of ways in which those who have a way with words can turn this talent into gold. Places that need writers to push their products through adwriting are discussed in one blog that not only guides writers on the sure-fire techniques of writing for money but also shows you where to market this skill. If you haven't come across then you better check it out now because it's one great site to help you hone your writing skill and profit from it.

If you are thinking of going into adwriting, the blog has an interesting discussion of how you can be successful at this. The owner is now making her techniques work on her, making an income that pays her way through college. Interesting, isn't it?

So if you think you have that knack for writing and need to only polish it a bit to make money from it, I suggest that you go visit http:/beasavvywriter.blogspot for your free tips and guide. You will not regret having read and followed the link.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

the beauty of links

Out of curiousity, I searched via Google for each of my four blogs to check if the blogs are included in the search engine. The search automatically led me to my blogs along with all those which are linked to them. Beautiful. In fact I was surprised to see my blogs in one blog directory when I do not remember having submitted my urls there. I found out that this became possible simply because one of my links is a member of that site so anyone searching for her blog would also see my blogs' urls.

That is the beauty of having links. Your site automatically crawls along with the site that links to your site and vice versa. Ergo, the more links, the more chances of showing up in search engines like Google and Yahoo.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

do you click the ads on other people's sites or blogs?

This is an interesting question. Do you?

My answer would be an honest "yes" if there is something in the ad that interests me. Otherwise, no, why should I? Although we know that owners only get paid for real clicks they get from visitors, Google however is very strict in seeing to it that these clicks are valid and not ones that you yourself had generated. This is a big NO-NO to Google. Going against this rule is cheating and leads to the total banning of your site.

Even if you find an ad to be very interesting and you feel like clicking to it because you want to find out more about it, just hold your reigns and do the valid thing---don't click. Take note of the site, make an exit from your site, then open another window to search for it using Google. That way you don't risk your site being banned.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Visiting and leaving comments help get traffic

As you can see, I have a counter on every blog I have. Although the visits I get daily aren't much to speak of yet, I know that there are people who come and visit this blog when the number on the counter changes. But what is strange to me though is the fact that those who visit never take the opportunity of "pushing their product" by leaving a comment and at the end, their url. It's a golden opportunity for traffic wasted.

We are all aware that we new bloggers share the same problem--increasing traffic. Yet, we do not take this opportunity of leaving a comment and our url along with it. I notice this in all my four blogs. I know that there are visitors but they just look around and go.

It does not cost you a penny to leave a comment plus a link. You only increase your chance of gaining traffic by being more visible.

Monday, May 21, 2007

do more Google ads on a page bring in more earnings?

It is sad to say that more Google ads on your page do not mean more income for you. The less there are on your page, the more chances of it being clicked and getting the earning whole and intact. Whereas cluttering your page with so many ads will only lessen your chances for a bigger income because your earnings will be divided by the number of ads you have on your page.

Another important thing is, Google allows you to only display 3 ads on every page. Three would be the right number to maximize your earnings.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

plunge for the money

I have submitted this blog for review (the nerve!) at another blog that does precisely that---review other people's blogs and mind you, they had warned us that they are mean and nasty! But this fact does not daunt me. Okey, they can get mean and nasty with me provided I get some traffic in their doing so.

I believe that another way of improving traffic is by submitting your blog for review or maybe I fear that in my case they will not only be reviewing mine but probably do some "murdering" in order for me to see what they mean. I can already see it coming. I don't think these gals will give a rating lower than 1. They promised to be good and I hope they won't give me a negative 1. He..he..he.. sorry gals for taking your time to see this not-so-bloggy blog. It's just an old woman's corner so I am ready to be rated at least with a 1.

The most important thing about is that it actually helps other people know that your lousy blogs exist. So now, I am having their link on all my 4 blogs just in case you want your blogs to be analyzed by these gals.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Money talk is in

I love money talk. I am sure many of you share this passion especially for online moneytalk. It is everywhere and is spreading like wildfire. Why don't you try visiting blogs and websites and you will be bombarded left and right with posts and invitations to sign up for this and that because it gives you instant money. Hurry, hurry, hurry!

This is precisely what this blog is for---money, money, money talk. Don't get me wrong. I do not have money, but the fact that I keep talking about it makes me feel like I already have heaps of it.

Money talk gives one the feeling of being rich, of one day replacing Bill Gates in the world record as the richest person.

Online, it seems like opportunities to make money are unlimited. But are there real people here who are making real money online? The answer is yes. The next question would be how and where? There are only two words for this: Google Adsense.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

finally got the money!

A phone call to the pgx rep Santi resolved my dilemma in a flash. Through its rep, pgx finally transferred the amount to my bank, making a total of two successful transactions with e-gold via pinoygoldexchange.

I had reasons to be worried when the transfer was not confirmed immediately by pgx. First, was the scamming experience I had with a blogsite where around $68 earnings came to naught. Then the court order for e-gold to discontinue its service, then the zero response I got to the messages I had left at YM.
But everything is okey now. Hurray to Mylot, e-gold, and pgx!

Once more, congratulations to Mylot, e-gold, and pgx for making the whole thing possible here in this part of the planet. Keep it up, guyz!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

the issue is with pinoygoldexchange

Before May 15 Mylot sent payments to members whose earnings had reached their set minimum payout.

I was one of those to whom Mylot sent payments through e-gold account. To verify, I accessed my account and checked my balance: $29.92

I left the money there for a couple of days because I wanted to get in touch first with the representative of pinoy gold exchange with whom I successfully did my first transaction with his coaching via yahoo messenger that's why I got my first payout April 15, thanks to him.

Since I found the procedure quite confusing, I did not want to take chances the second time so I sent this pgx rep a number of messages on YM asking for assistance but got no response whatever. I left a message hoping to get a reply later but still, no word from this pgx rep whom everybody calls Santi.

Today, I decided to give it a try. Before I did, I made sure that my money was still with my e-gold account and indeed, it was there, all $29.92---not much but Mylot members know how much work that required to reach that amount.

I followed the procedure taught me the last time which was, to transfer the amount first to pgx account. I did it. I was able to transfer the amount to pgx account after which a batch number was given which I'd need in the next step.

Next came the filling out of the form which asks for personal and bank details. I performed everything so carefully to avoid making mistakes.

After all the required fields were filled, I reached the last stage which was "submit". I clicked it.

A notification came back telling me that the amount I entered was invalid.

I had to retype everything which was very taxing because there were several numbers involved and you have to do these veeeryy slowly. Finally, I clicked "submit" again and the same thing happened. A notice came back saying the same thing--that I had entered an invalid amount.

What? Why? I had typed everything very correctly---the amount, account number, telephone number, batch number, etc. What's wrong?

I checked my e-mail ---no confirmation.

No one from pgx was online to help me figure out my next move so I will get the money which I transferred to their account.

I am not stopping here. I know something is not right and I need an explanation from the admin of

Where now is my money?

I am waiting for them to do something about this. I know that they have a name and credibility to protect. And I don't think pgx is into scamming. I need for them to prove to me that it is a legitimate and reliable site.

I went back to my e-gold account: $0.01 because I had transferred $29.91 to pgx.

I checked my e-mail for confirmation from pgx---NOTHING!

In other words, all my efforts for nothing?

Pinoy Gold Exchange----will you please explain this?

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

been tagged---5 reasons why I blog

Hmmmm...5 reasons. I can only come up with two but I will try.

I was visiting my blogs when I saw this tag from a friend asking me to write 5 reasons why I blog after which I am supposed to tag 5 other bloggers asking them the same question. You know, I could easily junk this and not heed to the request but no, I have 3 reasons why I feel that I have to do this tag:

1. I'm game. I do not lose anything if I do this.

2. This is one good way of developing links with other bloggers.

3. I can use this as topic for this blog.

I have chosen to write this in my moneymaking blog because I would like to emphasize the fact that there is money in blogging.

As this is supposedly a site that aims to motivate people to make money offline or online, I am listing it as my first reason for blogging. Here's my list of 5 reasons why I blog:

1. to make money from ads and other sources

2. to be of help to others by reaching out to them through my blogs which target readers' specific needs

3. to fulfil a long-time dream of having an outlet for the crazy things I think

4. to make more friends :)

5. so my family can still get connected with me through my blogs when I am long gone (heh--do you think I will still be writing here when that happens? fit topic for Offbeatmom.LOL)

Please take note of my first reason. Blogging may not turn up thousands, but it's still money.

Monday, May 14, 2007

when to refuse links

Links, my fellow newbies, could mean traffic. I had been talking about this in many of the previous blog entries I made, that in order to increase our number of visitors we need to link and get linked with as many websites or weblogs as possible. While it is true that we have to be choosy regarding the compatibility of the sites' content, as new site or blog owners, it is not a very good idea to turn down offers for link exchange even if the sites are of different content. Not yet. Our target at this very early stage of our career is to get our site to be noticed, to develop visibility, to let others know that we exist. Let's say your site's content has something to do with hotels and here's someone whose site is dedicated to a discussion of making more money. It is shortsighted to say that those interested in hotels will only be interested in hotels and not in making money. Let's say your site is about motherhood and here's a site that deals with all sorts of cars. Do you think mothers are only focused on improving their motherhood skills and will not be interested to look at sites selling beautiful cars?

My point is this. As new website owners or blog owners we need to expand our horizon, open our doors to all possibilities. Your site will never see the light of day if you think one site is not good enough to be linked to your site because yours have a different content in there. That, my friend is thinking small.

When do you refuse links? The answer is this: When your site has become very popular it is getting 15,000 to 20,000 visitors a day, then and only then can you have that high and mighty attitude which is not expected of site owners still struggling for recognition to tell those who want to exchange links with you that your site is of an entirely different specie.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

the richest man in the world

Who is the richest man in the world?

In a recent estimate done by Forbes' Magazine among the world's richest, William Henry Gates III or Bill Gates still ranks no. 1 in the World's Billionaires' list with net worth near $56 billion.

Gates was born on October 28, 1955 (we're about the same age and also with Oprah). He was born in Seattle, Washington and is the founder and chairman of Microsoft. He is married to Melinda Gates with whom he has three children.

With his wife he founded the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2000 and had donated large amounts of money to various charitable organizations and scientific research programs. He is one of the best-known entrepreneurs of the personal computer revolution.

Bill Gates comes from a wealthy family, the son of William Gates Jr., a lawyer while his mother was a leader in the corporate world.

Like me, I am sure many of you are curious to know more about the world's richest man in the person of Bill Gates.

Who do you think is the next man to be ranked by Forbes' Magazine as the richest man on earth?

Is it going to be you?

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Surprise your Mom with a blog of her own

Every second Sunday of May most parts of the world celebrate Mothers' Day to honor the greatest person in our lives--our mother. We have different ways of calling our Mothers. We called our mother Nanay. Others address their mothers as Mama and the more modernized and Westernized address their mothers as Mommy. Whatever. On this once-a-year celebration we crack our heads worrying what gift to buy that will make our mothers' eyes sparkle and give joy to her heart.

Why don't you give her a blog? Yes, set up a blog for her using her name or initials as the name of the blog. Make sure that it has her photo on its header. Pimp it before the big day and be the first one to blog, a greeting on Mother's Day. Make your presentation dramatic, like covering the monitor with a piece of cloth and on cue, bring her to the set and tadaaaa! Your gift for her---a blog where she can go to .

It is so easy to do and it will not cost you a penny. Just sign up to for your mother's gift.

Friday, May 11, 2007

real traffic, yes vs. artificial traffic, no

Traffic. How does one gain real traffic in one's site?

This is one problem all new web owners have to face and solve if they are really serious about getting money from their sites. Advertisers want sites with many visitors. Obviously. The more visitors, the more chances their products or services will get the much-needed visibility to their targetted market. This also means more chances of earning more for the web owners whose sites carry ads for certain advertisers. Considering the relationship between visitors and the earnings derived from their visits, it is no wonder therefore that the primary concern of newbies is to have traffic in their sites. Because of this need or problem, a new breed of online marketers have come up with fast and easy solutiions to this problem. Thus, you get invited to sites that sell traffic or promise you this much traffic in exchange for something, money or service. But the purpose is to drive artificial traffic to your site.

Paying a certain site in order to drive visitors to your sites is not playing the game clean and square. Google does not condone this type of artificially-driven traffic. You need to work out ways of increasing traffic and the best guarantee is having first of all, a very good site so that a visit will result to another visit in the future. And always believe in word-of-mouth. Once some people notice how great your site is, they will refer it to others who will also do the same thing with their other friends. A good site will never let you down. Another way of getting in visitors is by having link exchange. Have your site linked to as many sites you know, and if possible, do all your mighty best to get linked to sites that are popular, sites that already have many visitors.

Never, never make the mistake of submitting your sites to sites that promise to give you thousands of visitors if you pay or accomplish the task of clicking 250 sites a day. That will be against the rules.

people sell their ideas

I am sure you have heard about a number of successful website owners who are now enjoying the fruits of their success in terms of thousands of dollars in revenues per week. This is true and in fact they are putting everything, all their "secrets", in a book which they are sharing but not for free.

Several times I had followed such links to finally get the answer or the formula to online success in money-making. Yes, they want to help. I can read that between the lines, this eagerness to share their finds. But not really. For you need to shelve out a few dollars to get a copy of the e-book.

After being truly motivated and you could not wait to get hold of the whole "secret", comes the real business: MARKETING BOOKS and IDEAS at super low prices. They are everywhere. If you are willing to buy one, you may do so by sending payment through Paypal or credit card.
People are no longer sharing their ideas for free. See? You can actually sell "an idea" by packaging it into an e-book and selling it. So long as there are people who want to know what you have to say about certain issues, there will be orders and money will start pouring in.
It is time to think about it. What is it that you know very well and which people do not know yet and would like to know? If you think this knowledge is marketable, I strongly suggest that you better start writing your e-book

Thursday, May 10, 2007

what kind of website or weblog do I want to visit?

Personally, I want to go back to sites that are fun and informative. I'd often been frustated many times to be redirected to sites that display nothing but an array of blinking banners and logos all screaming to get clicked. After that first visit, you could never ask me to go back there again. Oftentimes I envy some very popular blogs occupying top ranks because they entice you to make a visit again just to see what boldness the owner has for the day. They swear freely, curse, use effing words in every line, show off their shame and yet their blogs continue to be at the top. One such blog is this where you could see and hear his raw language, unedited and uncensored. He makes sensational stories out of the inane and raises his garbage to a higher level. In short, in this site, most people can identify with the blogger because he is able to let the whole world see and hear what they themselves had wanted to do and say but could not bring themselves to do it.

A website that would be worth revisited is one with the web owner's updated blogs as well as interesting graphics. The page design should first of all be attractive. This one is the first thing that visitors notice.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

is it all worth it?

In a forum where I am actively participating and earning as a member, one member was inviting anyone interested to sign up to a site that pays monthly to display banners of their site. Payment is per number of banners you display and you also get paid for the clicks people make on these banners.

My question is, is it all worth it? I mean taking chances on some of these new sites that do not have any track record yet? Of course, I know that sites need to start somewhere but I believe that going for legitimate sites that are already recognized and known for their good practices is more advisable. If certain ads will go against or will be in conflict with the ads that you already have in your site, then it is best to make a choice between this or that. I cannot imagine putting all other ads from different paying sites on your page. It will be like a riot. There is going to be chaos when there is too much clutter.

My final word is, keep the most legitimate one. That is where real money is.

the secret

The number one secret to driving traffic to your site is getting the right link. Just what do we mean by "the right link"? By this we mean getting linked to an already popular website or weblog which has its own loyal followers of say, 15,000 to 20,000 hits per day. The next question is, how? How do we get linked to such a site?

There are such sites that will link you for a monthly fee for sure and real visitors in real time. There are also sites that "sell" traffic, and the number depends on how much you can afford to pay. However, if you have a friend who owns a site with his own number of visitors, you can ask him for link exchange. You may also do the same with other new web owners who share the same problem.
The secret is out. Getting linked to a popular website is the surest way to drive traffic to your own. Go for it now.As a newbie we need to hit the streets to find this secret Messiah.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


About two months ago an effort to drive traffic to new blogsites was launched. It was dubbed "Oplink4traffic" which stands for Operation Link for Traffic which was based on the principle that the number of new blogsites or websites is good enough to create the much-needed hits or visitors newbies need. There were only quite a few who responded and so the drive just sort of faded away.

Driving traffic to one's site is one of the biggest problems new website or weblog owners have to deal with. You will know this when you will have your own site. It is difficult to get noticed most especially that there are thousands of new websites or weblogs that are created everyday. Your site must be extraordinarily loaded with useful content and with multiple affiliations to amount to anything especially with Google.

Traffic. Hits. Visitors. Affiliations. Links. They are the same dog with different collars. We want people to come to our site. What do we do? First , get the site noticed. Make people know that your site exists. One way of doing this is by joining in different forums where you can freely invite people to your site. Next, submit your site to blog or site directories. Third, link exchange---link them and they link you back. Use search-friendly keywords that will make your site appear when people type in what they are searching. And last but not the least, update your site regularly for it to be worth a comeback.

Monday, May 7, 2007

start with a bang

One mistake people make who want to make money online is to submit or publish their websites without regard for their quality. This sense of haste or impatience often leads to failure in terms of getting the attention of visitors which seems to be the end-all and be-all of any site's continued existence.

Getting traffic should start long before your site gets viewed by anyone. Do not make the mistake most website owners make of rushing the site for publication in order to make money. No. See to it that before your site is out that it has already all the ingredients of a good website. With this, there are big chances for it to be visited and revisited.

What are the ingredients of a good site? Let us make that as our next blog entry.

In the meantime, don't forget today's tip: Start with a big bang! Create a really good website before publishing it.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Can Yahoo and Microsoft crush Google?

"Any discussion about the media's challenges and opportunities these days usually involves Google Inc., whose internet leading search engine has become the Web's biggest moneymaking vehicle as well as an influential gateway to other online destinations." No wonder the two other search engines tailing Google, Yahoo and Microsoft, are seriously thinking of banding together in order to measure up to the powerful influences of Google. Yahoo and Microsoft know that they have many, many users but they do not know how to turn this fact into something as profitable as what Google has achieved.

As the two sites are still in its courting stage, we can only wait for further announcement. But should the fusion happen, my guess is as good as yours. Google, I am sure, will not take this sitting down.You can be sure that a stronger and more emboldened Google will face the new challenge with greater confidence.

Saturday, May 5, 2007

go for legit sites

Many people have expressed how much they had spent time, effort, and money on sites that promised to give them big bucks but turned out later on to be scams. I became a vicitim of such when I signed up for a blog host that said would pay but disappeared when payout time came. Enough is enough. You've been scammed, I'd been scammed, no more of these. The best place to go when we are looking for legitimate sites would be another legitimate site. Why look elsewhere when Google has it all for you right before your very eyes? While it is true that there are indeed work-from-home sites that really pay, we need to also consider the fact that there are those who do not. How do you know that certain sites are real? Google them. Or you might want to go directly to a list of legit sites, you can also do that. But one thing is sure. Just look around and you actually have these sites right before your very eyes. Why go far? Why search high and low when they are happening right here?

We've had enough of scams. It is time to get serious in getting real online work. It is time to go after legitimate sites only. There is indeed a goldmine awaiting for us to discover.

Friday, May 4, 2007

all roads lead to Google

There is no doubt about it. Website owners and publishers looking to earn money online are taking the path leading to the most incredibly powerful advertising machinery that ever existed in the history of advertising. And I mean no less than Google. Everybody's into google. Whether as an ordinary grade school surfer or a professional web master, we all google. Advertisers have found the best place for them to place their ads on targetted audiences. More and more people are logging online for all their daily needs---news coverage, movies, disucssions, everything. It's all here. Let's face it. All our efforts are geared towards getting recognized in the Google search engine because this spells the difference between making real money or not. That is why everybody's getting into the groove now of making their own sites and placing Google ads on them for the purpose of generating income. And we know of many success stories of people who are now earning thousands of dollars per month from ads alone. Their secret is traffic, getting more and more people to visit their site. How does one drive traffic to your site anyway? This is one problem that is not easy to solve. Let us try to talk about this in my next blog, okey? Duty calls.

Adsense: ultimate goal of all money-making sites

Come to think of it, majority of these money-making sites inviting people to sign up to get paid to click, read e-mails, take surveys, post for pay actually have their eyes on Google adsense. These sites derive their incomes from Adsense and you only get a portion of it if you accomplish the clicking, posting, reading, and whatever tasks that are assigned to you. So why not get it directly from the source?

Google adsense offers unlimited income opportunities to those who have websites or weblogs where adsense ads can be displayed. You don't do anything except do regular updates to your site so people will come to visit it everyday.

Ads need not be loud and screaming and you don't need to put them everywhere because they might clutter your page and lose your site content in the process. With Adsense for Content only ads relevant to your content will be displayed and this happens automatically with daily refresh making your pages more appealing to your visitors and thus gaining more chances of being noticed and clicked.
Another great way to generate reveue from Adsense is by displaying Adsense for Search tool on your website and providing your visitors convenience in their surfing.
Setting up your own website and displaying Adsense on it will be one big leap towards earning passive income. Google also has some advice and tips on how you can drive more traffic to your site.


Many people who earn online still do not understand the value of referrals. In fact in one of the discussions at Mylot there was one user who openly expressed her disgust over people who ask her to be their referral. She would get the link of these sites and delete or remove the referral id that would have connected her as referral to the person or people who gave her the link. This to me is nasty and is a product of ignorance. Her reason? She hates the idea of someone making some earnings out of her efforts. This kind of thinking goes against the principle of growth and development. It stunts communities and stops traffic. It is the killer of all sites.

Let us adopt a more open mind and look at it this way. Referrals is networking. It means linking and more links means more traffic. Having referrals is one of the best methods of growing your business. We all want to grow our sites and our revenues. Bring in more people through referrals. When everybody understands this, finding the right people as referrals will be easy. Look at it as something that gives you and your friend mutual benefits in the form of cash rewards. What's wrong with that? It's fair enough.

The next time someone asks you to sign up as referral, grab the opportunity and start earning. He may get some cents as commissions for referring you but that is his reward. Is that bad?

When all online moneymakers will understand this, everybody will be happy because traffic will increase, linkages will be created, and happiness will be just around the corner.

blogging for money

There are many blogsites that make beautiful promises of big income but which disappear without a trace when payday comes. Don't get trapped by these scam sites. The best place to go to find out about the legitimacy of certain sites is to go to a forum where members freely discuss issues such as scamming. An example of such site is The trick is to throw in a question and you get the answers to your doubts.

But to be sure, if you are looking for a site to host your blog, is the answer. to make money out of it, you may add in some Adsense ads, find ways to increase traffic on your site, and when you succeed in bringing in many people to visit and read your blog, chances of bigger earnings would likewise go up. The secret to high income is traffic. Actually, this is a problem that newbies face because getting people, much more many people to go to your site is not a walk in the park. You need to do everything to bring in or create real hits in your site in order for Google to notice you.

Is there real money here?

That is the usual question whenever a newbie gets inside Mylot, a community of more than 90,000 members where I am also an earning member. Let us avoid sweet talk here and get down to the truth of the matter. Earnings at Mylot depend on the users' amount of participatiion or activity everyday. Let us be honest. The payout per post is only a couple of cents. Not much if you're looking to earn big bucks. But this is one site that ACTUALLY PAYS every 15th day of the month via Paypal or e-gold. I had received my first payout last month and will be expecting to receive my second on May 15. It is true that the earnings here will not make you buy a new car but there are other benefits that you can get for being a member here. You will find out why if you sign up. That is the only way to know more about this community of very opinionated, vocal, and overall nice people from all over the world. It is a very user-friendly site. You might want to take a look at it at No registration fees, all is free. The moment you start discussing after signing up, you start earning.

Why Speak4Money?

Do you know that money can come out of your mouth as you speak? I don't mean literally of course, but you can turn spoken words into money. How? This site, Speak4Money, as the title suggests, will discuss, train, and help those who want to make a career out of their talents and skills in communicating with people. The keyword here is COMMUNICATION. Being able to use effectively the different communication skills such as listening, speaking, reading, and writing will make a person stand out in a crowd and get chosen as leaders and managers. This blog hopes to help everyone become better communicators in order to succeed in whatever venture they want to pursue be it online or offline.

We will be talking about great ways to utilize our talents and skills to make money in real time. Our only investment? WORDS.

We can turn words into gold. How? Let's take it one step at a time.

word of warning

Just in case you intend to start your own blog and you are looking for a site that will host it, look no further because will host as many blogs you want to make for free. Setting up a blog is an easy three-step thing. You get to choose your template (also for free) and if you want to be more flexible and different in your page make-up, you can also change your template anytime. If you want to make money from the blogs you have set up, you can do so by putting Adsense ads on your site. No problem.

A word of warning to all those who are in a hurry to earn big bucks. There are many blogsites that offer you quick and easy money by blogging on their sites but which, after you have put in much time and effort, will drop you like a hot potato just when payout time comes around. These sites will just disappear and will no longer answer your e-mail queries and you will be left whining in one corner because you have put in so much of yourself to this blog, only to be cheated at the end of the day.

I used to have two other blogs. One is hosted by this site while the other one was hosted by another blog site called Blogchex. I am still keeping my other blog here at
but I have already junked the other one. So officially as of this writing, I have now two blogs hosted by blogger. What do I have to say on this blog called That, my dear friends, will be the subject of my next blog. Hold on.

another one is born!

Before I came back to old reliable, believe me, I was into three other blogsites hoping there to find the pot of gold. I did go through the signing up stage and actually had started my first blog entries on those three blog sites when an alarm was set off. Sensing some danger, I went to a community where I am actively participating in discussions (I will tell you more about this later), started a discussion about those sites and learned that the members of those blogsites are having problems with them and are now planning to pull out their blogs. Am I not lucky today? I was saved from another trouble. I will talk about the scam site I recently got myself into, how I had wasted so much of my time and effort in that site, having revealed there my life and my soul in all my more than 300 entries and all for nothing.

This thing is not going to happen again, for, no matter how many blogs I intend to make, I have decided to have them all here at I will explain what I intend to be writing on this new blog which I call "Speak4Money".