Monday, July 30, 2007


I signed up with another site yesterday and yes, it's a writers' site where publishers and writers meet. You write the articles on topics that you can choose from, see if someone offers to buy them so you make money. But I understand there are other ways of course but I have yet to find out how.

Anyway, since my start of membership yesterday, I have already written around 11 articles, a couple of them ranked #1, 1 ranked no. 2, two ranked no. 3 and the rest occupying above the 50% top articles.

I agree with what one member said that the site is really addicting. I think so because I just do not know why I keep going back to it.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

my one and only clicking site

I feel so lucky to have stumbled upon this clicking site that is keeping me busy everyday. The rate per click is standard $0.01 but members can always upgrade their accounts and get more per click. Yes, I will be upgrading my account soon as I am still trying to build my earnings there---not much but it is growing every hour. I just love this site. Right now I'm close to a dollar---not much but it is easy money and I hope to grow this, you will see. Don't waste your time. Come, and be a part of it by clicking here.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

what I hate about banks

We use banking service for various reasons ranging from saving, making payments, availing of loans, business, or simply safe-keeping of funds, transfer, currency exchange and others. In doing so people always want security and convenience when it comes to money transactions having to do with banks. The truth is, banking is never that convenient for me especially if it is with a bank that has several clients to be served by a few slow-moving personnel who seem to enjoy seeing people looking so impatient and almost exasperated.

I opened an ATM account with one of the most reputable banks in our small city so I could receive payouts from outside of the country. To make this possible I needed to make an initial deposit of something close to $ 75 which is supposedly the maintaining balance required by the bank. Now when your balance falls below the maintaining balance of $75 a penalty of $4.50 will be automatically deducted from your initial deposit. Before you know it, after a few months you will find out that your account has been closed, all the remaining funds going to monthly penalty. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

I hate the service especially in big "reputable" banks because that's where everybody goes and waiting to be served among the many waiting clients is not in my blood. My parents never believed in banks. My mother used to keep her "savings" secretly wrapped and tied securely in a piece of cloth which she buries deep down her old chest amongst her "treasures" of old photographs. So when it became necessary for me to use the service of a bank, I became one of the most impatient and disorganized clients. I failed to keep track of the checks I had issued and so I had to suffer overnight charges for lack of funds. The rate I was going in issuing checks often came twice faster than the deposits I was making----this was a nightmare. I had to literally run to meet the cut-off almost on a daily basis. Boy, did I have a hell of a time I cursed the founder of banks.

Then there's the waiting. My God, waiting happens to be my enemy. I just hate to wait. When I'd walk in to make a deposit and see the unhappy faces of those waiting ahead of me, I waste no time and head out. This happened to me several times it seems like I would never be able to do some saving because I did not and still do not want to wait.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I have recently become a member of Helium, an online publication that pays you for the works that you do. Members rate your work which is ranked on the basis of the rating. I do not know how the cents are calculated, but as of today, I saw $0.74 in there. The real money comes in when someone buys your article. The site has a marketplace where you get to see the writing tasks that could get paid nicely if the sponsor likes your work.

Monday, July 23, 2007

sites I regularly visit

Here is a list of sites which I have earmarked as my favorites---meaning, I visit them in the exact order I am listing:

1. Google adsense

2. Clixsense

3. Yahoo mail

4. Mylot

5. Blogger

I regularly visit them for one reason----to make money. You might want to share your own list of favorites too. Feel free to leave them here with your url, please.

what is Yahoo doing to stop this scam?

Almost everyday e-mails are sent to various net users informing them that Yahoo is giving them $500 prize for their monthly draws. The wiser ones would immediately delete the scam mail but there are some who aren't as wise and would actually follow the steps and click to the link provided to claim payment. Alas, the last part tells the user to pay a $9 more or less for registration or whatever convenient excuse they have. A lot of people had e-mailed Yahoo about this and were told that Yahoo has nothing to do with this scam. It's not Yahoo who sent you that mail. But how did the scammer get hold of your e-mail? Sounds stinky but one thing we need to always remember, net junkies, DELETE when it looks suspicious.


Found myself signing up to which I got directed by clixsense when, towards the end, it said "Only for countries having Paypal"---ooooops---third world countries, you're out! Instead of being flabbergasted for wasting my time and effort, I ended up smiling. These guys are not thinking like the giant Google. Think big, man! Conquer the world! The world of course includes third world countries. Don't you know that there are rich people even in third world countries? Heh---I'm not one of them, but I am a product user---in fact, I use lots and lots of products and avail of services too---so---we hope there will be more justice around here.

sister site

Hey! I have come up with yet another money-money blog to house all the new clicking sites I have recently joined. As you might see in this new blog I only have around two or three other sites supposedly to generate some earnings. Clix4pay will monitor the growth or non-growth of the earnings from those clicking sites. So far, not so good because I do am not a resident of the US and other preferred countries, so sites to be browsed are either zero or one or two in a stretch of a few days. But if you upgrade your account you will have more. I am thinking of upgrading my account at Clix4pay if I can figure out a way of using my e-gold money for this purpose.

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

e-bay woes

This time, it's e-bay. A fellow Mylotter bemoaned the fact that she had lost so much money paying auction fees slapped by e-bay against her as store manager blah-blah. I know that e-bay has revolutionized the world of shopping and has tremendously changed the way people market their products but in this part of the world I' m in I know that profiting from it is like a dream. The cost of transporting goods from here to this part of the planet and vice versa will make the whole transaction not feasible. And after hearing this complaint from a Mylot member, I am the more convinced that shopping anywhere near you is still the way to go.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

are they kidding?

A Mylot member who was recently banned by Moneybookers and whose account was closed with close to $200 of money in there tried to request Moneybookers if he could at least withdraw his money. An answer came to the effect that yes, he may get back his money after paying 50 euros. 50 euros? Hello? Are we hearing right? This guy only tried to help those having problems with their service and he's being punished twice for this---being banned and holding his money. Where is justice here?

We who were forced to open an account with Moneybookers in place of e-gold did not know a thing about Moneybookers had Mylot not required us users with no Paypal service in our country to open an account there where Mylot is supposed to send our earnings. We never imagined it to be as vague and inconvenient as this.

Another Mylot user was supposed to receive her June 15 payout but until now Moneybookers was not able to make this happen even after following all the steps and countless of e-mails sent. Someone's gotta be kidding here.

call center academy: is this feasible?

Recently I came across an ad on this kind of business which is slowly gaining ground in the country as more and more outsourcing companies are sprouting in every nook of the archipelago. Naturally, as I am considering a career shift, this peaked my interest as it is very much compatible with the experience I've gained over the years as a language teacher for 26 years.
A quick look at the plight of the call center industry in our small city should give me the clue as to the feasibility of putting up a call center academy in our locality. Currently we only have one call center in this city and no other call centers are expected to operate here for as long as the contract between the government and the call center is still applicable, and that is for a term of four years in which no other call centers will be permitted to open.
If passion or interest is to be considered in choosing one's career, then I guess the concept of having this kind of business in our city is attuned to the thing I love to do.
In the meantime I am waiting for that e-mail from the person in-charge of the business to show me if I've got what it takes to open one.

Friday, July 20, 2007

bad, very bad

An active Mylot user who tried to help those having problems with Moneybookers by helping them encash the money they have difficulty withdrawing was banned by Moneybookers. The bad thing is he has around $190 in his Moneybookers account and it seems like he might not be able to get it back.

It is bad that he got banned by Moneybookers but losing his money as well is very, very bad. I just hope he recovers his hard-earned money very soon.

Until now, some users could not understand why they have not received their payout for June 15 which was already paid or deposited by Mylot via Moneybookers. This is again very bad because people do need cash and this dilly-dallying makes people lose their trust in the site.

Obviously this calls for some immediate solution. Your helpful suggestions are most welcome.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

on impulse buying

Women are particularly guilty of this---buying stuff they never planned of buying because of its monstrous price tag. But one day at a discreet surplus store you find that thing displayed at 1/4 of its original price and you impulsively buy three of those with much regret later.

Impulse- buying can truly hurt the budget and it takes tons of self-discipline to avoid the pitfalls each time you come across goods that look so irresistible. This happens most especially when you have the money to splurge. You just buy, buy, buy like there was no tomorrow. At the end of the day you take a quick count of the cash left and you're almost down to nothing. It can really be a bad day for you to be going around without even a penny in your pocket as a result of that splurging which will leave you penniless within the next few days.

So, whenever the impulse to buy comes, check yourself and think of the rain. It is better to stay home when it rains.

Monday, July 16, 2007

money by clicking

My attention got redirected to another site as I was Mylotting this morning and I got myself, for the first time, into a clicking site that pays. Actually I've heard a lot about this program before and after reading that it does not only cater to Paypal holders, I signed up. After clicking and viewing 9 sites, I got credited with $0.09. The rate is almost similar to what members get at Mylot per post but this could serve as an intermission when boredom starts to set in. You can click to this for details and if you want to sign up. You don't lose anything if you do. You can join here.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

back to e-gold

Because of the difficulties encountered in transferring funds from Moneybookers to our bank account, I have decided to have it transferred to my e-gold account with the help one Mylot member (Rickytan) who made everything possible. Now the amount sits in my e-gold account waiting to be sold.

Moneybookers charges $2.48 per transaction and by the way, it does not allow withdrawals below $13 +. I do not know how others feel about this but I think this is so not user-friendly.

Those of us who are forced to use Moneybookers because of e-gold's problem wish that we have more options in terms of fund transfer. As it is, Moneybookers, with its exorbitant charges and withdrawal ceiling , just seems to be making everything harder for us.

This is the reason why, in spite of the risks, I have moved back to e-gold. Any reactions and comments to this are most welcome.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

moneymaking opportunities limited

The internet has revolutionized the way people live. It has brought about wonders and has opened immeasurable opportunities to make money online provided you are residing in the US, Canada, Uk, Australia.

How about the other countries? According to the requirements of these many money-generating online ventures, they only pay through Paypal and goes ahead to name the countries of preference.

Why? Why are some countries excluded? The internet is everywhere. People live and they consume or use products like everybody else, whether he is in the US or Timbukto. I thought racial discrimination is dead but isn't this a form of racial discrimination?

The sites that had blocked users from certain countries from joining their programs need to answer human rights proponents on the issue of discrimination.

We understand that even people in rich countries are in need of money, but aren't the people of 3rd world countries also needing the same?

Friday, July 13, 2007

beware of what you purchase on e-bay

Someone I know got scammed of a product she had ordered by being sent a fake. The victim did some research online about the characteristics of the genuine product but alas, the product she received failed to meet the requirements of the true product.

Of course she had sent the money through bank transfer and after receiving the fake product, she immediately placed a complaint in which the scammer promised to return the money. Oh?
Isn't their business that? To scam people? I will have to wait and see if he will actually return the money.

In the meantime, what does one do when one becomes the victim of online scamming? We make a report to the right authorithy---this guy could be banned from further pushing his fake products via e-bay. He better straighten up his act fast.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

high service charge

When members learned that Moneybookers charges more than $2 for the transfer of funds, they were like, "Whaaat? Out of our $10 payout which we had worked so hard to get, Moneybookers takes off $2? That's too much!"

Mylot's minimum payout of $10 per month is not that easy to achieve. It would take hundreds upon hundreds of discussions, many sleepless nights, backaches and headaches. This is not funny. I also hope I got the wrong information; otherwise, I'd rather go back to e-gold no matter what the risks are. If Mylot will only improve members' earnings then maybe it wouldn't hurt that much to be shelving that amount for a mere transfer of funds. Don't they have brackets or levels wherein those receiving more should be paying a bit more and those receiving little, say $10, will only be paying less than a dollar or something? This is just pathetic.

scam, scam, scam

Recently the biggest online fraud was cracked down by authorities in the Philippines for existing without any permit from the SEC and for scamming its members with thousands of dollars. I do not know if you have heard about Francswiss but this has caught the attention of authorities who are hot on the trail of the owners of the said scam site. Although no longer available online, clues can be taken from the ip address that has left the mark that could nail the scammers.

Francswiss had been inviting its members to invest between $1,000 to $10,000 which, according to the scheme, will double in 21 days. How they will be able to do this is beyond calculation since the site has no real business to make the investments grow. The said entity has all the signs of being another illegal pyramiding schemes.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

moneymakers, here

Everything is here about online moneymaking. This blog guides newbies on how money can be earned from the various programs online.

Graphics/layout: In black background, the blog openly displays the different moneymaking programs that newbies can easily click. It's all there, the tricks and the proofs of money received by the blogger.

Content: Like most moneymaking sites or blogs, the blogger does not waste his time but goes straight ahead to the point of presenting the moneymakers. It's all about making money, money, and more money. Other than this, there is nothing more that visitors can see.

Style: Simple and straightforward.

Recommendation: The site badly needs an update. I wonder when was the last time the owner made her update.

Rating: 6

Monday, July 9, 2007

Moneybookers dilemma

In a few days Mylot will be sending payouts to those who do not have Paypal service in their country through Moneybookers. Yet, as of this moment one could hear and read complaints from those who have tried transacting with Moneybookers.

Straight from the horse's mouth, one user had already received confirmation from Moneybookers that the transfer of funds from Mylot had been successful. She had been checking and checking with her bank but until now, July 10 in our country, no cash has come in. This payout was for June 15 and this was sent out long before the 15th. It is almost a month now but still no fund transfer has been reflected in her ATM.

Hearing this, I feel like using the old method which was through e-gold because at least e-gold has a representative who answers our queries. Right now I feel like I am faced with a big problem because if this is how Moneybookers works, then we don't want any of it.

Why should it take long for them to transfer the funds when this is supposed to be an online thing? So far, not so good.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Only $0.34 to make it monthly at Mylot

Mylot, a community of close to a hundred thousand members, is one great site to make a monthly income. I have been four times in four consecutive months. Earning here is so easy you only need to use your head in participating in discussions by starting, responding, commenting and other tasks which can easily be done in a flash.

It pays through Paypal or Moneybookers depending on where you are and the minimum payout is $10 which is quite easy to achieve. To reach the monthly payout, with a mini of $10, one only has to earn $0.34 a day. That's right---$0.34 a day to reach the monthly payout. Some members do a lot more each month reaching $50 to $70 per. It all depends on the amount of participation you make here.

With Mylot, money is at the tip of your fingers.

Saturday, July 7, 2007


These days we usually just spend, spend, spend without keeping a record of our daily cash-outs and cash-ins. Are we spending more than what we earn? We will only know this if we keep track of every single expenditure that we do everyday. I am not an accountant and neither do I follow this that is why like many, I am always cash-strapped. But we do not have to be always trapped in this situation. We need to be vigilant with the money we make. Money is hard to find but so easy to spend. If we keep all our earnings or money in one place and do not have separate banks for our individual needs, then we will forever find ourselves losing money fast.

I got this practical suggestion from a friend who guards his money like trained dog. He said he has a separate bank account for his business and other bill payments, another one for savings, and another account for his petty cash.

For his business, he had opened a checking account where all his payments and purchases are taken. This is where 60% of his money goes. He keeps 10% for savings in another account with

a passbook which is purely meant for his savings. Then he deposits 30% to his ATM for his daily cash needs. When he runs short of cash, then he withdraws here.

I thought about this and I think it's doable. What dya think? Any other brilliant tips?

Thursday, July 5, 2007

huh? I did not apply for a credit card!

That was the initial reaction of a friend of mine who received a credit card with a credit limit of Php 60,000 from her bank. She did not apply for such a card because in her own words she said that these credit card companies will most likely make you liable for a certain crime later on. She was sure that she will be collected a year's membership fee even if she did not use it.

Her solution: mail it back to the bank via registered mail so you will have proof that the plastic card has been returned and you will not be collected with any membership fee.

This development makes me think that maybe people have learned their lesson the hard way. People no longer see the benefit of being a card holder because of their bad experiences. That is why credit card companies are giving people that extra push or tug to gain membership. That is why credit card agents are everywhere knocking on everybody's closed doors.

During one of Oprah's episodes it was discussed that the first step towards becoming rich is getting rid of all your credit cards. That's right, cut them, scissor them and throw them away. We've been working so hard and it seems like all our efforts are not paying off because our incomes are not enough to pay the bills we have incurred using our credit cards. It's probably time we change all these.

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

wanna know more about credit cards?

Here's one site which will give you more useful information about credit cards. I notice that credit card companies are getting more and more aggressive in making people acquire cards the easiest and fastest way.

I know of someone who was convinced to get one (she never had one before) and when the card arrived she was surprised to receive two cards. The other one, the company said, was for her husband. She was shocked because she did not apply for her husband.

Credit card agents have invaded schools and even small offices, enticing even the smallest paid employees to have a credit card.

What's wrong with this? Read more about credit cards here.

Monday, July 2, 2007

credit card woes

Credit cards. Are they here to help or push you deeper into financial rut?

A friend of mine recently expressed how the snail-paced delivery of the statement of account had cost her unwanted interest fees for delay in payment.

Whose fault is it? The bank sent the statement through snail mail which reached the credit card holder days after due date; thus making her pay additional fees for interest.

This is not at all fair. She would like to pay on time so she won't have to pay double interest but it seems like the bank in charge is making this impossible.

There is a local branch in the city so why can't they do something to help their customers maintain good credit standing?

Are they really here to help?

I won first prize

Yeheeey! In this blog I got this info that I won first prize in a promo or review contest sponsored by beasavvywriter. This contest was on for over a month and Ashley, its owner, came back to this blog to drop this good news. I will be keeping in touch with you guys for more details about the prizes that the site had concocted for the winners of the contest.

And take note, I am very proud to say that I got the FIRST prize, not second, not third.

It really pays to visit other blogs, give comments and get some juicy bits of info regarding promos and contests. This site has contests of all sorts so I check it out for more of these. In the meantime, I will be e-mailing Ashley for the details of the prizes and I'll keep you guys informed.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

I got hit by Hits4pay

I have recently signed up with Hits4pay as referral to one of my online acquaintances at Mylot although I wasn't quite sure what I am supposed to do here. My vague understanding included my having to wait for e-mails from the site for e-mails to read. I did that, waiting for days until this morning, I finally got one e-mail from the site.

I logged in and found one ad to be read, so it was like eating peanuts because the ad was also interesting so I did not find that part hard. After the reading, I checked my account and saw that apart from the $0.02 credit for that single activity, I also got a $10 sign-up bonus. It was there! I am sure I was not dreaming when I saw the $10 free money that the site had put in my account.

I made the announcement at Mylot announcing and at the same time inviting everyone to jump in and be a part of this cool site.

From excitement to complete discouragement--- some members who used to be members of the said site burst my bubble---it does not pay members who are not from the US, Canada, Uk, Australia. Huh?

They did try to sign up with the site but they said they did not receive any e-mails to be read, and if they did, they came only in trickles, further leading them to give it up.

So it is still Mylot because it does not choose any territory. I wonder about this. Of course we can understand their preference for people who can afford stuff to buy or their level of literacy but come to think of it, people anywhere in the world are also consumers of certain products and are literate enough to understand their business. to discriminate these people would be like discriminating a good number of prospective customers or product users.

I hope this thing is just temporary and sites that are discriminatory should learn from Mylot and Google which have global or universal grasps of their business.