Saturday, November 3, 2007

is Paypal really working here?

There had been a lot of buzz and hype lately about Paypal now in operation in the Philippines. It means that members in the Philippines can now receive payments via Paypal. I checked it though, went to one of the local banks who gave me that "What are you saying?" look when I mentioned Paypal. The people at that bank never even heard of the term! What is this? Is this the day of the dark ages? Are we yet in caves?

So I just told the bank personnel to just forget it and left the bank feeling so stupid for asking such a silly question.

So what are we saying here? Is Paypal really working in the Philippines? How and which part of the Philippines, which bank, etc? This is really downright crazy.


Anonymous said...

According to what i have scanned in the internet,paypal can be used to receive and send payments thru the internet. As of october 12, 2006, paypal is already available in the phils. It is only a limited basis since users from the philippines could only use paypal to pay for transactions online. Paypal accounts opened here in the philippines currently cannot withdraw funds.
Ronnel Sumagang

theworkingmom (ethanmama) said...

Hi, we can already accept paypal payments IF we have a VISA credit or debit card. The easiest way would be to apply for a Unionbank EON VISA card. This is a debit card.

I do not know if you have Unionbank there in your area, but you can perhaps try to see what the nearest branch is, apply online, then just pick up the card from the nearest branch.

There is a fee of 5 dollars though for transfer of paypal funds to your VISA card, so I'm more inclined to wait until the money in my paypal gets bigger before I cash out.

I'll be posting about this on one of my blogs, , so please watch out for it.