Saturday, May 3, 2008

global food crisis

There is global food crisis. It means that only those with money can afford to buy the sky-high priced food. Those with very little or even nothing will have to struggle finding food to put on the table.

In our country though the crisis is primarily focused on rice shortage. Why? For one, there's overpopulation. More mouths to feed against poor rice production. What a shame. If you look around you in the Philippines especially in rural areas you will find vast tracts of idle lands. Yes, acres and acres of idle lands are lying there unplanted, unproductive, not doing anything. It's a shame that we should be having rice crisis. What is the government doing to make sure that these unproductive lands are made useful for the benefit of the Filipino people. CARP is not the answer because we are talking about IDLE lands, lands lying around with only useless bushes and grasses. We're not talking about lands already tilled by farmers but big lands that are untouched and thus wasted while we complain of not having enough rice and importing rice from other countries. What a shame! We are so poor, lazy and stupid!

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