Thursday, September 13, 2007

beware of scam sites!

Scam sites are everywhere. Some look legit and innocent and may succeed in luring you into the trap. The promises are nice to hear, so you put in all your efforts and energy, you neglect your other online tasks in fact, because you have a number or quota to reach. You spend many hours working.

Alas, when payday comes, pffffft! Like smoke they vanish into thin air. No, they are not only found in PTCs or PTRs but also in paid writers sites. Beware, beware! I got a clue to one scam site and if you do not want to be a victim to this, leave a comment, and I will give you the details. It pays to know who the scammers are. Ho,ho,ho....I got a lot of names up my sleeves. Ask for them now and I will grant thee.


Carryl said...

I've hit a few sites that have actually ended up in class action lawsuits, and I didn't receive a single penny out of the deal. It's nice to know that people like you are watching out for people like me. Thanks hon.......Carryl (aka Katlady2)

We value all life forms said...

Hello, Carryl! I am glad to hear from you. Really? Did you have to go that far? Anyway, my action is just simple--leave it to divine justice or karma. I got into this site connected with Network Agenda which has a couple of posters to post in forums ranging from golfing, surfing, anime, etc. Another name connected to NetworkAgenda is WritersPaid. Have you by any chance gotten into these scam sites? I did around a thousand posts all amounting to nothing. Anyway, thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

kent archie gumalo bba-4

i'm fond of hopping from one site to another because i want to expolre unfamiliar sites. i hope i will not be a victim by these scams.