Tuesday, September 4, 2007

only 1 click?

Am I being punished for having more referrals? That is supposed to be funny but that is what I am thinking now. I find it strange that the whole day I only received one site to click from http://www.clixsense.com/?2144411 Is it because I've had three referrals that came in yesterday, making it a total of 11 my number of referrals.

I really do not know what is happening here but I think they do not give you sites to click if you get many referrals because you are also given $0.10 per referral. But that is different, right?


Anonymous said...

are you getting money for this? someone told me that every click, you get a centavo on it. pretty good huh? i'm proud of what youre doing. keep it up.-william olam

Anonymous said...

about this article, how does it affect referrals? i really don't understand. can you help me with this? i really need some explanation about this. you asked me to comment so i made my opinion and i want to clarify things. thanks.-william olam

Anonymous said...

i really am happy to comment on your site. it gives me freedom to speak my thoughts out. this is really good.-william olam

Anonymous said...

kent archie gumslo bba-4

i guess they run out of funds because you are getting many referrals..