Saturday, September 1, 2007

online moneymakers

It is just amazing how these multitude of sites promising incomes to those who sign up with them have dominated the internet scene nowadays. People are desperate for money and these sites take advantage of this fact. But do they deliver as promised? So far, I'd been scammed twice already. The first one was by a blog host which promised to pay members but when payout time came the site simply remained mum. I have lost much precious time and effort in that site. The second time came from my mailbox, an e-mail telling me that I'd won something. I knew that it was a hoax but I just wanted to get real proof of it myself and so I got scammed of my $8.95 off my Mylot earnings. There. I learned my lesson.

Today, I am only actively involved in the following legit sites Mylot, Clixsense, and Helium.


Anonymous said...

Yes there are thousands of people running their own home business and yes they are making money from them.

What you need to stop and consider is that you will be running you own business and what does any business need to make money? You may come up with several answers but let me tell you from experience the key resource to any successful business is its employees.

You can have the best product or service in the world but if your employees are not up to scratch then you will not have a successful business.-william olam

Anonymous said...

Search you house from your sala to the rooms then to the garden. If you find Ebay too confusing, or you feel the need to get out more, take all your new-found items along to the nearest flea market or car boot sale. If you don`t want to travel to find customers, throw up a big old "Yard Sale" sign outside your house.-william olam

Anonymous said...

As a small business owner your time is spent managing and growing your business. Saving time, money and energy is essential. A small investment in the right type of office equipment can make a big difference.

In running a small business you are bound to send a lot of mail. Checks, invoices, brochures, holiday cards are all things that are mailed on a regular basis. Many companies take these costs for granted without realizing how much money they can save.-william olam