Sunday, September 30, 2007

there's money in the zoo...

After surfing for quite a time now, I have more or less encountered sites that look legit and those that look questionable. Lately, I have come across a deluge of click sites and pay-to-read-e-mail sites that offer huge bonuses and big pay-outs per click. However, I notice a great similarity in all these sites. For one, they are all named after animals like duck, horse, cat, elephant, puma, elephant, donkey, lion, pig, camel, etc. Their page lay-outs are the same, terms , FAQs and conditions are the same, and their manner of presentation as a whole are echoes of each other. It makes users ask several questions therefore as to the legitimacy of these sites.

However, if everything they say there is true, then they will all make their users millionaires in less than a month. I have, for instance, generated $2,600 in less than two days in one site alone. I mean, am I to believe this? We will just have to wait and see. I have e-mailed the admin of this site inquiring about this and I will have to give you an update as to their response to my query. That will be happening on my next blog entry here.

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