Saturday, September 22, 2007

cool vegan shirts available

Get in step with the times! Get yourself cool Vegan Prince shirts which will be sent to you by order. You may take a look at the different original designs at and know the details as to where or how you can possibly order one of those. The biggest size available is only size L. It does not yet cater to super large sizes.

Buying yourself a shirt is like supporting the principle of valuing all life forms. Vegans care about all creatures, big and small. Violence perpetrated or done on poor helpless creatures is shunned and discouraged.

Vegans hate violence of any form. Let us therefore support it.


christopher calumpang said...

ur product seemed so is cool and is perfect for guys offer a great cool stuff perfect for us is nice to know that there are people who are oferring cool, affordable and good quality products...but im just wandering, how will we know that it will really fit us????
Keep up the good work!!!Godbless!!!

Tosca said...

hi Miss! i really browsed and those shirts are awesome!!! i would like to ask if is it only 10 different printed t-shirts are available on your business?? i do like the "cute vegan" printed shirt... and is it available in my size that will really fit me??

thanks Miss... I'm hoping to see you and hear your reply.

We value all life forms said...

Hello, Tosca! Yes, just place your order like give me the color you want and we will have it made for you. Choose your color and print. You like "The Vegan prince says I'm cute"?

jHoaNna Lou pLanteraS said...

hey miSs FAB..!!..those t-shirts are really great because its not only for the people to have a perfect shirts but also you are helping those poor people..i hope the endorsement of your product will be more interesting to peaple to have moe suppliers soon...keep rockin' VP t-shirts..!!!

Anonymous said...

Your products is so interesting, if i had enough money i would really want to buy. Its because it is easy to find and easy to buy.