Monday, September 10, 2007

new sites to visit

Hi! Finally back with a bunch of sites for you to visit. Here we go. The first coolest find I got is this, a very good site to help you with all your software and hardware problems. Anyone can become a member and get free advice. For those of you who are into making of anime, here's a forum for you to visit There is also this forum which exclusively focuses on golf, golfing needs as well as tips at A skiing forum is found here A forum devoted purely to cellphones is There are still more which I will give here next time.

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jHoaNna Lou pLanteraS said...

miSs FAb..!!.you really have a great idea of posting the newest sites for people who have different problems in terms of the website they want to get into which can help them easily..!!!..someday i'll visit those sites..!!