Sunday, June 3, 2007

saving tips

The prices of gasoline and diesel are going up again and when this happens, prices of commodities instantly take the same course. We the consumers are left wondering how our incomes for this period will be able to take us to the next payday. When you drive to work everyday the amount of money spent on gasoline can really hurt your pocket. For one who is bent in beating gas price hike, commuting could be the best alternative. Maybe at first you might try using public transport three times a week for a couple of months and making it daily after that. This can really mean big savings for you. Trips using your car should be planned and not done at the spur-of-moment because there is a lot of money wasted when you do this. Like for instance in going to the supermarket, doing it once a week can prove less costly compared to those who do it everyday. This is another way of saving money.

Dieting. I am not saying starving, but dieting could mean saving some money because much of our budget goes in buying expensive caloric food which is not good for the health. Cut down on certain food consumptions which in the end will prove harmful and more expensive to you. Here's a list of some food items you don't have to include in your grocery list:

1. sodas

2. greasy butter

3. cakes

4. candies

5. ice cream

6. chocolates

7. Nachos

8.other junk food

Sometimes we have the tendency to purchase stuff that we do not need. This holds true for food and other items. Be aware of what you buy, consider its benefits. Do you really need it? If not, don't put it in your cart. When your kid or someone is with you at the supermarket, he might slip in an item into the cart without your knowledge so try to check each item at the cashier's.

Save on power. Make it a habit to switch off all unused lights or appliances. You can also require all members of the family to do the same. Sometimes power is wasted because for instance a fan is on and no one is there, this could mean money wasted for all you know.

Check on water leaks. See to it that your water pipes do not have leaks because you could be paying for water that gets wasted because of this. Recycle water. Water used for washing clothes can be recycled to clean the toilet or water the plants. Water is money. Remember this each time you waste it, you are actually wasting money.

So basically our hard-earned money goes to these four major areas: food, gas, power, water. Limit, diet, recycle, plan, commute---all these techniques spell SAVINGS.

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