Friday, June 15, 2007

an entirely different blog

One of those blogs submitted for review on this site is a blog by a lesbian who is an American living in Europe and had started this blog since March of this year, making it to its 3rd month now.

Header: Multi-colored, the use of several colors in the header is reflective of the colorful lifestyle of the blogger which is evident in the content of her blog entries. I should say it is relevant to its content and could not have chosen a better one than this.

Lay-out/design: Clean, easy to navigate. I find it ironical that the background of this lesbian blog is a predominantly pink, something that is least expected of someone who "feels" more male than female, at least in the romantic sense of the word.

Content: Good only for mature readers but for young readers, no, I wouldn't advise them to tread this path. The blogger's writing style is excellent and for a 3-month-old blog I think this blog is something to reckon with. Since the time it started the blogger has been faithfully updating her blog, bringing in something new each time. One revelation that sticks out in this blog is the fact that the writer does not just go for any woman. Much emphasis is given to what she's got up there between her ears. She wants 'em SMART to ever get close to her idea of a desirable woman.
Over-all, I think it's worth a read and a visit but then again, I wouldn't recommend this to young visitors.

Rating: 9 Keep it up!

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Sally said...

Hey! Thank you so much for reviewing my blog! But just to clarify something. As a lesbian, I DO NOT FEEL LIKE A MAN! I am a Woman who hapens to love women! I like men but I don't want to be like them, and don't feel attraction for them other than friendship... Most lesbians are women, then there are the transsexuals, transvestites, but they are very different from lesbians... Thanks again for your review!