Monday, June 25, 2007

Review: JObzonline

The site does not contain any graphic frills. It's a helpful site especially to those who would like to earn more online, this one gives you tips on how you can monetize your online activities.

Graphic/design: simple but it looks professionally done

Content: all about jobs and moneymaking online as the title says

Style: simple and direct, it goes with the content

All in all the site looks good, but it could use some graphics to make the site look more alive.

Rating: 8.9

1 comment:

Rhodilee said...

Thank you for the review. I really appreciate being the blog catch of the week. I just noticed that the site link in the post results in an error page. I will appreciate if the link can be updated to (the link was misspelled as jobzOLINE without n). I hope I have not asked much :-). I would also like to ask permission to use your site's heading so I can provide a graphic link to your site. More power!