Wednesday, June 20, 2007

the secret to getting rich

Somebody at a forum asked this most asked question:

How do I become rich?

If there is any single formula to getting rich, then we would have eradicated global poverty a long time ago. The fact that the world is still saddled by problems related to poverty only means that the answer to the question remains a puzzle. Those who have made it---Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Donald Trump seem to have one thing in common---PASSION which they had pursued and are still pursuing.

Many realize too late after doing their work for 25 years that their work is not really their passion thus they have remained stagnant.

Passion is what drives a person to do something in an extra special way. It is loving what one is doing and doing what one loves to do. One cannot but succeed if one pursues his or her passion. What is your passion? Is it cooking? teaching? writing? speaking? drawing? singing? Discover it and go after it. There is no way that you can go wrong with this. It could be the answer to this most asked question--how do I become rich?

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