Friday, June 8, 2007

bring in the money

There are some cultures which have interesting beliefs pertaining to money. This is particularly true in many parts of Asia. We attach many beliefs and symbols associated to money. Anyway, you don't lose anything if you follow any of these. I am trying to remember as many beliefs I could think of in order for people to know if they are in synch with them. If so, it could mean wealth and prosperity to the family or person. Here are some of the beliefs---take 'em or leave them.

1. red wallet -- one famous celebrity who is raking in millions per month said that she has been using red wallets to hold her money. This actress believes that a "red wallet" brings in money. Whether this is the secret to her wealth or not, everybody knows that she is the country's highest taxpayer.

2. dotted dress or outfit -- wearing one during New year's Day will bring in lots of money. The dots here stand for money.

3. coins and rice --- in transferring to a new house, it is said to be good to sprinkle a mixture of coins and rice in every corner of the house---coins and rice symbolize wealth and prosperity.

4. a diamond-shaped line in your palms means that money comes in easy for you --- A palm reader said that this could indicate great forthcoming wealth for the person. Start searching for diamond lines in your palms now.

5. non-stop flow of water --- If you dream of water flowing non-stop it could mean two things--- money coming in fast and making a quick exit

6. brown butterfly --- If you get visited by a brown butterfly, that could mean the arrival of money

7. wedding dance --- In one culture, the pinning of cash during the wedding dance of the newly-wed couple means economic prosperity for the couple

I am sure there are other beliefs similar to the above. If you know of one or two, please share them here.

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