Thursday, June 28, 2007

hosting/emceeing rates

If you have some talent in public speaking, you can generate some additional income from it by hosting or emceeing shows or weddings. Rates of course would vary according to the degree of preparation a person put in long before the show.

I know that professional speakers in the US could command very high fees but in 3rd world countries like the Philippines, rates are competitive.

I received a call just 30 minutes ago asking about the rate of hosting a wedding. I gave her the possible fees ranging from Php 5,000 up.

How does one justify the high rates? Well, this task is special. It requires the expertise or talent of the host who has to come in his best clothes. He prepares for this event long before and while not many people would relish to be the center of attention, the host/emcee goes up there in front of everybody and holds the key to the success or failure of the presentation. If something goes wrong and you have a professional host to save the moment, then it could be worth paying that much amount.

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