Thursday, June 14, 2007

50 blogs

Fifty blogs by one person? Did I get this right?

A friend's blog gave me this info that he is coming up with 50 blogs. OMG! That would be like not getting any sleep anymore from all the updating and promoting work you have to do. Right now I am trying to make 4 blogs updated and honestly, it isn't like a breeze. Even the minds of geniuses could sometimes go blank or experience some drought moments that no matter how hard you try, nothing drips. Or is it a matter of practice? Which leads me to the next question and which I hope my friend Dale will come across to answer.

Does the quantity of your blogs spell additonal revenues? Let's say you got your 50 blogs to update and in each of these you have set up ads by Google the income of which all goes to your single account. Does this actually lead to increase your earnings? I would like to hear from those who have the opened many blogs. Are you getting enough revenues from them collectively?

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