Friday, June 22, 2007

finding one's niche

Since blogging has become a popular tool in promoting products or services, presenting news, or narrating simple day-to-day events, writers of all types have taken in the trend and have now created a new breed of writing which has quick access to instant publication. However, one problem bloggers face today is gaining followers or an audience who will keep on coming back to their blogs for updates. Usually, visitors will only drop by once upon invitation and never come back.

The first thing to ask is finding people who will be interested in what you have to write. So you have a blog. Make sure that your blog is meant only for a specific audience. It is a fatal mistake for some bloggers to attempt to write about anything under the sun. That was how I started with my first blog. I wrote about anything and everything that sparked my interest. When I heard about the importance of nicheing, I stopped and changed direction. I am now trying to steer my first blog into a specific niche in order to get a more targeted audience.

Finding one's niche is easy. The only thing you need to do is to know your passion, what ignites you, what interests you then write about this or these. If you have 3 different interests like automotive, home designing, and physical fitness, then youhave 3 different niches there. Yes, you can have as many blogs as you want depending on your interests.

This is the reason why I have created 4 blogs. I know of someone who has a dozen blogs and I learned of someone who intends to open 50 blogs. My four blogs contain my varied interests and passions:

Of course, my first interest is my life so I have which contains a woman's, mother's, grandmother's day-to-day struggles. is my first blog ever which became the catch-all of all my past musings and is now being groomed to contain topics on education, teaching, public speaking, speech, and English as subject. My is all about important events, special occasions, milestones to which I got usually invited as emcee and finall this blog which contains anything having to do with money, improving one's site or blog, traffic, exchange links.

Have I finally found my niche? I think so. So they steps in finding your niche are:

Passion. Find your passion.
Write or blog about this. Use or

Let people know about your existence via forums.
Update regularly.
Exchange Links.
Submit your url to many search engines.
Make money by putting adsense on your blog.

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