Saturday, June 2, 2007

blog catch: onlinetop5

As promised, I will be featuring one blog a week on this corner and our blog catch for this week is onlinetop5 owned by one of my friends at Mylot. A visit to the site gave me information of value especially for people like me who want to find some good paying sites online. This is actually a very new blog hosted by blogger.

The blog owner is sharing with us his top 5 moneymaking sites, some tips on how to augment one's income on them, as well as honest information as to the things he does not like about these sites.

The template is very simple, no attempt was done by the owner to give it a more personalized look, and the background is quite dark. All in all, I would like to say, that given more time I think the owner here will be able to make this site a much more visitable site in the future. To all those whose sites are scheduled for review, please find time to visit to read the short review. You just don't know what even short reviews like this can do to your site in terms of traffic.

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