Friday, August 3, 2007


I saw that my earnings were going up at Helium and why not? I had invested time writing around 20 or more articles and rated others' work as well. I've been doing great there when, all of a sudden, when I logged in to my Helium account this morning I got this notification that the service is no longer available in my country. Huh? After what I have done there? Why didn't I receive this notification after two or three articles? I swear I have written more than 20 articles there as of today and in fact I got some in rank #1, 2,3 and most are in the upper 50% rank. So why this notification?

I know and I understand that the site only pays through Paypal and the fact that my country does not have any Paypal service here should have discouraged me from signing up to this site, but I went ahead, signed up, got my approval, and I have started writing for them.

What happens to my account now? Are they going to delete all my work there? If not, what if someone wants to buy one of those articles? Who receives the sales and will they inform me about it? I have no way of contacting them since access to the site is denied.

This is a clear example of "foul play". I hope this site does something about this because it is ruining its own reputation if it keeps on with its aloofness and exclusivity. It's sites likel this that makes the internet a failure.

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