Saturday, August 4, 2007

Paypal blues

We in the 3rd world countries will just have to deal with the fact that in many ways, we are discriminated because of certain capabilities that our country still could not bring itself to acquire. For instance, Paypal. When I first heard the term from my daughter who'd been way ahead of us in terms of internet use, I immediately went to a known international bank to ask about it but all the personnel in that bank were like, "What?", with mouth dropping and eyes honestlly saying they're hearing it the first time. Still not losing hope, I went to another bank with international services but I got the same "never heard" look. That was more than a year ago. Now it's still the same thing------no Paypal.

You can just imagine the hundreds of opportunities we are missing because we could not receive payment thru Paypal. Many income-generating sites require a Paypal account. So if you don't have one, it's like being told to get out and get lost.

I really wonder why our country is not into this. Are we so poor that we could not upgrade our services to include Paypal so that users in this part of the world won't feel kicked around a lot in the Second Life? It is so frustrating that this handicap has limited our capabilities to compete globally. It is just so frustrating to be born in this side of the globe.

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