Wednesday, August 15, 2007

work faster at Mylot

Hi, ya! If you have been doing this small technique, good, then this is not for you, thank you for coming. I hope you drop a comment with your url so I would know you came.

I have recently, just recently, found a technique to hasten our work at Mylot. I've been doing this a couple of days ago when something went wrong with Mylot system and it failed to publish many of the discussions I submitted. I tried this method and it worked, my discussions got submitted and faster this time----not a lot of waiting but you need to see to it that you type your discussion carefully.

This is what I am doing now and which has made work faster here on Mylot. After typing my response to a discussion, I directly hit the Post discussion button and I get directed to tag then that's it. I do the same thing when I make comments, I skip the Preview part and hit Post Comment, then move on. This technique has saved me loads of time and more points next to my avatar. Try it.

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