Tuesday, August 21, 2007

what's with Globelines?

Our telephone and internet connections are serviced by Globelines. However, I cannot understand their policy of not entertaining inbound calls.

Many times I became frustrated and exasperated when I tried to dial the 3-digit numbers the local office has provided for us to supposedly "contact" in case we have problems with our phone or internet.

You know what happens when you dial those numbers? You are redirected many times to robots or recorded answers which prompt you to press one number after the other. And when you come to the end of it and you're supposed to already have a PERSON there to answer you, you will be told to wait for their customer service. You wait and you're fed with cemeterial music all throughout. The waiting and the music do not end because no customer rep will pick up the phone to finally entertain you.

Don't tell me otherwise because I've been into this several times I do not know what to do anymore when I have problems with my internet connection.

I just can't understand why a telephone company has no telephone number that its customer can access when there are troubles? I do not know why a telephone company such as Globelines can't hire real people to pick up the phone? It is unbelievable that a telephone company does not welcome inbound calls from customers. I don't know what you say but the way things are simply means POOR SERVICE.


Anonymous said...

its just that i am a globe user and their good-william olam

Anonymous said...

sometimes, i experience it but its on the matter of how you will respond to it. i guess i'm just patient and not that red-headed. but its evident that we don't get the service we are paying but its for us to be cautious also. lets just wish them peace.-william olam