Wednesday, August 22, 2007

made in China products under close scrutiny

Especially in the Philippines, imported goods from China have mushroomed at an alarming rate until recent news of their safety have put an end to this. Who wouldn't buy them? They're very cheap and are everywhere. Recently however, products from this country have undergone the scrutiny of authorities who found food products like candies , cookies, pet food, toothpaste, toys, household appliances, and garments to be of substandard quality and could be dangerous.

In the US for example a certain brand of pet food had been pulled out and banned from being sold because of its harmful and even fatal effects on the pets. A certain brand of toothpaste, a counterfeit of Colgate, was found to contain cancer-causing ingredients. The Department of Health also found candies and biscuits made in China to contain harmful ingredients.

Appliances like blender, toaster, and the like which are made in China were tested and found to be of poor quality and could easily spark a fire.

China as we know today has been economically moving up because of its ingenuity in producing products which had permeated the global market. But with the latest suspicions and questions about the safety and quality of their products we know that this will surely change the entire picture.


Anonymous said...

but these products somewhat made them catch up with other countries..-william olam

Anonymous said...

china is known for their imitated products. they are really good at it. they cater with every people because almost everybody can afford it and this strongly help their economy.-william olam