Sunday, August 12, 2007

why? has been down at least from where we're at for about a month now and it has greatly affected the performance of our blogs which are still on their take-off stage. What a disappointment. Just as I was trying very hard to develop visibility and thus improve traffic on these sites Offbeatmom, Cool Kids' Party, Everydaywear, and clix4pay the whole thing crashes and brings down with them whatever we have tried very hard to build.

It is not easy to get in touch with because it does not have any address or any place for us to air our concern. I have surfed everywhere but it seems like it only has discussion groups where people with problems come and get some opinions from others who have also their own concerns with There is no admin or anyone from blogger to help us out. I am just hoping that this blog will reach them and could they please do something to fix it. The problems we have encountered are as follows:

1. Diffficulty publishing or updating our posts. They do get submitted but when we view the blog it's still the same old blog that is displayed. The latest posts do not get published.

2. There are times that the problem is solved but only for a very brief period because after a few hours, the whole thing goes back to its old ways and that is, not being able to update the latest posts.

What is wrong here? I know that others are not facing the same problems but why us? We are not trying to create spams or anything to mislead people. We're here for the same reasons most of these bloggers are here.

We have suffered tremedously from the erratic behavior of our blog host we hope blogger admin or maybe the people of Google should take a look at this problem.


marlon_fegidero said...

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marlon_fegidero said...

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