Saturday, August 11, 2007

Globe vs. Smart

I will be talking about the comparison not as a user but as a load dealer. I've been into this small e-load retail business for a couple of years, and so far, I can make some comparisons between Globe and Smart on the basis of income and benefits to dealers or retailers like me.

Why is Globe the more preferred? Because retailers get a higher profit compared to its competitor. Aside from the Php 300 free personal load it is sending monthly to its agents who reach a certain sales mark, retailers also no longer have to load their retailer phones with personal load, so that loading to your customers is absolutely free and the 13% commissions all go to you.

Smart still follows the traditional way and which is more expensive, and less profit for its agents. Retailers need to load up their loader phones with personal load to be able to sell. You can resell it though through Pasaload but then again, this will in the end give more headache to the retailers as monitoring of this type of transactions is going to be very difficult. In the end, losses will be incurred.

As to sales, Globe sells a lot more than Smart. I do not know why users prefer it to the other, but based on daily sales, people are buying more of Globe than the latter.

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Anonymous said...

first I would like like to thank you Ms. for this informative topic regarding retalers.I think this business helps a lot especially to us business man and business woman. through this little capital I know we can have a higher prophet and earn money easily because of the rapid need of people and most especially to teenagers. God bless and Godspeed!