Monday, August 20, 2007

comment awaiting moderation?

This is one of the observations I have made in all the blog hoppings I have done during the past several months that some blog owners are not quite open when it comes to publishing comments from their readers. After a reader encodes and submits his comments, a notification appears that the comment will be published after the owner's approval. Why? What could be the reason or reasons why some bloggers want to screen readers' comments? Are they afraid to publish negative comments from others? Do they want their blogs to be free from hate words and the like? I wonder.

One popular blogger in our country has more than 200 comments to a post and 90% of these comments are full of hate and anger. Yet, these people who write their hatred for him for his discriminating opinions go back to his blog everyday. These foul comments from readers are the ones that make others come to read what others have said today and the other day, etc.

In media, publicity (good or bad) is still publicity. Clearing your blogs of these comments remove what could have been source of good traffic for you.

If I were you, let freedom of expression reign and welcome everyone with all their baggage. Why? When you have visitors at home, do you let some of them enter while others wait so you could frisk them before entering? Come on, be bold enough to hear what everyone wants to say.

Like when you leave your comments here with your links or url, I won't mind. You can say anything here. This is a free country.

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