Friday, July 13, 2007

beware of what you purchase on e-bay

Someone I know got scammed of a product she had ordered by being sent a fake. The victim did some research online about the characteristics of the genuine product but alas, the product she received failed to meet the requirements of the true product.

Of course she had sent the money through bank transfer and after receiving the fake product, she immediately placed a complaint in which the scammer promised to return the money. Oh?
Isn't their business that? To scam people? I will have to wait and see if he will actually return the money.

In the meantime, what does one do when one becomes the victim of online scamming? We make a report to the right authorithy---this guy could be banned from further pushing his fake products via e-bay. He better straighten up his act fast.


r. calumpang said...

I wanted to purchase a pair of havaianas slippers but the shop I visited does not have my size at that time and the shop already displayed all their havaianas, all sizes and all styles. I went to all, if not almost all of the shops in Ayala Cebu and also in BTC(Banilad Town Center)just to look for that certain style with my size but to my dismay I found none. That's when I decided to search it through eBay and have myself registered. I found exactly what I've been looking for but at a higher price. I was a little hesitant about bidding really high because it was my first time and I wont really know for sure if it was real or not. I ended up not bidding anymore, since the bid was way too high already for those pair and i was still hesitant about the authenticity.
Thing is we wont really know for sure if what their selling is the real one or not but it helps a lot to read about their feedbacks to know more about the seller and how they are doing.
Now if you are really doubtful.. then purchase stuffs from the store itself where you can see, touch and try it for yourself...;) so you wont regret in the end...

We value all life forms said...

got it!