Saturday, July 21, 2007

are they kidding?

A Mylot member who was recently banned by Moneybookers and whose account was closed with close to $200 of money in there tried to request Moneybookers if he could at least withdraw his money. An answer came to the effect that yes, he may get back his money after paying 50 euros. 50 euros? Hello? Are we hearing right? This guy only tried to help those having problems with their service and he's being punished twice for this---being banned and holding his money. Where is justice here?

We who were forced to open an account with Moneybookers in place of e-gold did not know a thing about Moneybookers had Mylot not required us users with no Paypal service in our country to open an account there where Mylot is supposed to send our earnings. We never imagined it to be as vague and inconvenient as this.

Another Mylot user was supposed to receive her June 15 payout but until now Moneybookers was not able to make this happen even after following all the steps and countless of e-mails sent. Someone's gotta be kidding here.

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