Thursday, July 26, 2007

what I hate about banks

We use banking service for various reasons ranging from saving, making payments, availing of loans, business, or simply safe-keeping of funds, transfer, currency exchange and others. In doing so people always want security and convenience when it comes to money transactions having to do with banks. The truth is, banking is never that convenient for me especially if it is with a bank that has several clients to be served by a few slow-moving personnel who seem to enjoy seeing people looking so impatient and almost exasperated.

I opened an ATM account with one of the most reputable banks in our small city so I could receive payouts from outside of the country. To make this possible I needed to make an initial deposit of something close to $ 75 which is supposedly the maintaining balance required by the bank. Now when your balance falls below the maintaining balance of $75 a penalty of $4.50 will be automatically deducted from your initial deposit. Before you know it, after a few months you will find out that your account has been closed, all the remaining funds going to monthly penalty. But this is just the tip of the iceberg.

I hate the service especially in big "reputable" banks because that's where everybody goes and waiting to be served among the many waiting clients is not in my blood. My parents never believed in banks. My mother used to keep her "savings" secretly wrapped and tied securely in a piece of cloth which she buries deep down her old chest amongst her "treasures" of old photographs. So when it became necessary for me to use the service of a bank, I became one of the most impatient and disorganized clients. I failed to keep track of the checks I had issued and so I had to suffer overnight charges for lack of funds. The rate I was going in issuing checks often came twice faster than the deposits I was making----this was a nightmare. I had to literally run to meet the cut-off almost on a daily basis. Boy, did I have a hell of a time I cursed the founder of banks.

Then there's the waiting. My God, waiting happens to be my enemy. I just hate to wait. When I'd walk in to make a deposit and see the unhappy faces of those waiting ahead of me, I waste no time and head out. This happened to me several times it seems like I would never be able to do some saving because I did not and still do not want to wait.

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