Sunday, July 8, 2007

Only $0.34 to make it monthly at Mylot

Mylot, a community of close to a hundred thousand members, is one great site to make a monthly income. I have been four times in four consecutive months. Earning here is so easy you only need to use your head in participating in discussions by starting, responding, commenting and other tasks which can easily be done in a flash.

It pays through Paypal or Moneybookers depending on where you are and the minimum payout is $10 which is quite easy to achieve. To reach the monthly payout, with a mini of $10, one only has to earn $0.34 a day. That's right---$0.34 a day to reach the monthly payout. Some members do a lot more each month reaching $50 to $70 per. It all depends on the amount of participation you make here.

With Mylot, money is at the tip of your fingers.

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