Sunday, July 15, 2007

back to e-gold

Because of the difficulties encountered in transferring funds from Moneybookers to our bank account, I have decided to have it transferred to my e-gold account with the help one Mylot member (Rickytan) who made everything possible. Now the amount sits in my e-gold account waiting to be sold.

Moneybookers charges $2.48 per transaction and by the way, it does not allow withdrawals below $13 +. I do not know how others feel about this but I think this is so not user-friendly.

Those of us who are forced to use Moneybookers because of e-gold's problem wish that we have more options in terms of fund transfer. As it is, Moneybookers, with its exorbitant charges and withdrawal ceiling , just seems to be making everything harder for us.

This is the reason why, in spite of the risks, I have moved back to e-gold. Any reactions and comments to this are most welcome.

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