Sunday, July 1, 2007

I got hit by Hits4pay

I have recently signed up with Hits4pay as referral to one of my online acquaintances at Mylot although I wasn't quite sure what I am supposed to do here. My vague understanding included my having to wait for e-mails from the site for e-mails to read. I did that, waiting for days until this morning, I finally got one e-mail from the site.

I logged in and found one ad to be read, so it was like eating peanuts because the ad was also interesting so I did not find that part hard. After the reading, I checked my account and saw that apart from the $0.02 credit for that single activity, I also got a $10 sign-up bonus. It was there! I am sure I was not dreaming when I saw the $10 free money that the site had put in my account.

I made the announcement at Mylot announcing and at the same time inviting everyone to jump in and be a part of this cool site.

From excitement to complete discouragement--- some members who used to be members of the said site burst my bubble---it does not pay members who are not from the US, Canada, Uk, Australia. Huh?

They did try to sign up with the site but they said they did not receive any e-mails to be read, and if they did, they came only in trickles, further leading them to give it up.

So it is still Mylot because it does not choose any territory. I wonder about this. Of course we can understand their preference for people who can afford stuff to buy or their level of literacy but come to think of it, people anywhere in the world are also consumers of certain products and are literate enough to understand their business. to discriminate these people would be like discriminating a good number of prospective customers or product users.

I hope this thing is just temporary and sites that are discriminatory should learn from Mylot and Google which have global or universal grasps of their business.



You won first place in the contest I was having. If you could email me so we can talk about your prizes, that would be great. My email is Congrats!

funny said...

Reallyyy????Coollll! Yes, I will e-mail you anytime tonight. I need time to enjoy my victory. Yipeeee!

Anonymous said...

It is actually the sister site of H4P that only pays US, UK, Canada and Australia. I think your friends at MyLot have a mix up.

H4P is all countries and they even pay by PayPal now for more convenience and to make sure everyone is paid, checks get lost, especially if sending overseas.