Wednesday, July 11, 2007

high service charge

When members learned that Moneybookers charges more than $2 for the transfer of funds, they were like, "Whaaat? Out of our $10 payout which we had worked so hard to get, Moneybookers takes off $2? That's too much!"

Mylot's minimum payout of $10 per month is not that easy to achieve. It would take hundreds upon hundreds of discussions, many sleepless nights, backaches and headaches. This is not funny. I also hope I got the wrong information; otherwise, I'd rather go back to e-gold no matter what the risks are. If Mylot will only improve members' earnings then maybe it wouldn't hurt that much to be shelving that amount for a mere transfer of funds. Don't they have brackets or levels wherein those receiving more should be paying a bit more and those receiving little, say $10, will only be paying less than a dollar or something? This is just pathetic.

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