Monday, July 2, 2007

I won first prize

Yeheeey! In this blog I got this info that I won first prize in a promo or review contest sponsored by beasavvywriter. This contest was on for over a month and Ashley, its owner, came back to this blog to drop this good news. I will be keeping in touch with you guys for more details about the prizes that the site had concocted for the winners of the contest.

And take note, I am very proud to say that I got the FIRST prize, not second, not third.

It really pays to visit other blogs, give comments and get some juicy bits of info regarding promos and contests. This site has contests of all sorts so I check it out for more of these. In the meantime, I will be e-mailing Ashley for the details of the prizes and I'll keep you guys informed.



Congrats again! I appreciate the extra linkage you are sokind. Sorry about the name thing. I remember you told me a while back, I am just forgetful. The next thing you need to do is email me at, so I can give you codes and we can discuss what kind of banner you want. Or you can just leave me a comment with your email address inthe comment box and I will email you shortly. Thanks.

funny said...

Hello, Ashley! I've been to your site and just didn't have that much time to read all the good stuff you got in there. but I'm going back there to read all the juicy tips. My e-mail addy is More power!