Monday, July 9, 2007

Moneybookers dilemma

In a few days Mylot will be sending payouts to those who do not have Paypal service in their country through Moneybookers. Yet, as of this moment one could hear and read complaints from those who have tried transacting with Moneybookers.

Straight from the horse's mouth, one user had already received confirmation from Moneybookers that the transfer of funds from Mylot had been successful. She had been checking and checking with her bank but until now, July 10 in our country, no cash has come in. This payout was for June 15 and this was sent out long before the 15th. It is almost a month now but still no fund transfer has been reflected in her ATM.

Hearing this, I feel like using the old method which was through e-gold because at least e-gold has a representative who answers our queries. Right now I feel like I am faced with a big problem because if this is how Moneybookers works, then we don't want any of it.

Why should it take long for them to transfer the funds when this is supposed to be an online thing? So far, not so good.

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