Thursday, July 5, 2007

huh? I did not apply for a credit card!

That was the initial reaction of a friend of mine who received a credit card with a credit limit of Php 60,000 from her bank. She did not apply for such a card because in her own words she said that these credit card companies will most likely make you liable for a certain crime later on. She was sure that she will be collected a year's membership fee even if she did not use it.

Her solution: mail it back to the bank via registered mail so you will have proof that the plastic card has been returned and you will not be collected with any membership fee.

This development makes me think that maybe people have learned their lesson the hard way. People no longer see the benefit of being a card holder because of their bad experiences. That is why credit card companies are giving people that extra push or tug to gain membership. That is why credit card agents are everywhere knocking on everybody's closed doors.

During one of Oprah's episodes it was discussed that the first step towards becoming rich is getting rid of all your credit cards. That's right, cut them, scissor them and throw them away. We've been working so hard and it seems like all our efforts are not paying off because our incomes are not enough to pay the bills we have incurred using our credit cards. It's probably time we change all these.

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