Tuesday, May 15, 2007

been tagged---5 reasons why I blog

Hmmmm...5 reasons. I can only come up with two but I will try.

I was visiting my blogs when I saw this tag from a friend asking me to write 5 reasons why I blog after which I am supposed to tag 5 other bloggers asking them the same question. You know, I could easily junk this and not heed to the request but no, I have 3 reasons why I feel that I have to do this tag:

1. I'm game. I do not lose anything if I do this.

2. This is one good way of developing links with other bloggers.

3. I can use this as topic for this blog.

I have chosen to write this in my moneymaking blog because I would like to emphasize the fact that there is money in blogging.

As this is supposedly a site that aims to motivate people to make money offline or online, I am listing it as my first reason for blogging. Here's my list of 5 reasons why I blog:

1. to make money from ads and other sources

2. to be of help to others by reaching out to them through my blogs which target readers' specific needs

3. to fulfil a long-time dream of having an outlet for the crazy things I think

4. to make more friends :)

5. so my family can still get connected with me through my blogs when I am long gone (heh--do you think I will still be writing here when that happens? fit topic for Offbeatmom.LOL)

Please take note of my first reason. Blogging may not turn up thousands, but it's still money.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

Thanks for tagging me. It gave me something to blog about today. Our reasons are pretty close. :)