Thursday, May 31, 2007

time lost is money lost

My two days had been a nightmare without the internet. It means wasted time and we know that lost time means money lost.

I wasn't able to achieve my daily goal at Mylot and missed to update my blogs for a couple of days. For me, this is very bad.

What happened was our pc had to be repaired and virus-scanned because it had been misbehaving and would not let us access the internet. It had to stay at the shop (Algorithm) for two days. When it finally came home, people in the house got busy with their online tasks too, so I had to wait again.

I am wondering until now how my pc got the virus which made internet access impossible. Sometimes it could hurt the gadget beyond repair. I am glad that our pc is now virus-free. It is extremely boring not to have your pc around. As many people often say, it is not just the money, but the community.

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wendy said...

I hate going without my PC too Life seems to fall apart when I can't get online.
What are you using for virus detection Let me know on Mylot OK and see maybe you need a better one