Monday, May 14, 2007

when to refuse links

Links, my fellow newbies, could mean traffic. I had been talking about this in many of the previous blog entries I made, that in order to increase our number of visitors we need to link and get linked with as many websites or weblogs as possible. While it is true that we have to be choosy regarding the compatibility of the sites' content, as new site or blog owners, it is not a very good idea to turn down offers for link exchange even if the sites are of different content. Not yet. Our target at this very early stage of our career is to get our site to be noticed, to develop visibility, to let others know that we exist. Let's say your site's content has something to do with hotels and here's someone whose site is dedicated to a discussion of making more money. It is shortsighted to say that those interested in hotels will only be interested in hotels and not in making money. Let's say your site is about motherhood and here's a site that deals with all sorts of cars. Do you think mothers are only focused on improving their motherhood skills and will not be interested to look at sites selling beautiful cars?

My point is this. As new website owners or blog owners we need to expand our horizon, open our doors to all possibilities. Your site will never see the light of day if you think one site is not good enough to be linked to your site because yours have a different content in there. That, my friend is thinking small.

When do you refuse links? The answer is this: When your site has become very popular it is getting 15,000 to 20,000 visitors a day, then and only then can you have that high and mighty attitude which is not expected of site owners still struggling for recognition to tell those who want to exchange links with you that your site is of an entirely different specie.


Freelance said...

hi, do u still remember me? inhairstudio from MyLot. I long time didn't play myLot already. Anyway, I already add your link to my new site (, perhaps you can add my site to yours also. thanks.

funny said...

Hi! Thanks for visitng. Yes, I will link you immediately. I am now able to solve this traffic problem little by little.