Saturday, May 12, 2007

Surprise your Mom with a blog of her own

Every second Sunday of May most parts of the world celebrate Mothers' Day to honor the greatest person in our lives--our mother. We have different ways of calling our Mothers. We called our mother Nanay. Others address their mothers as Mama and the more modernized and Westernized address their mothers as Mommy. Whatever. On this once-a-year celebration we crack our heads worrying what gift to buy that will make our mothers' eyes sparkle and give joy to her heart.

Why don't you give her a blog? Yes, set up a blog for her using her name or initials as the name of the blog. Make sure that it has her photo on its header. Pimp it before the big day and be the first one to blog, a greeting on Mother's Day. Make your presentation dramatic, like covering the monitor with a piece of cloth and on cue, bring her to the set and tadaaaa! Your gift for her---a blog where she can go to .

It is so easy to do and it will not cost you a penny. Just sign up to for your mother's gift.

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