Saturday, May 5, 2007

go for legit sites

Many people have expressed how much they had spent time, effort, and money on sites that promised to give them big bucks but turned out later on to be scams. I became a vicitim of such when I signed up for a blog host that said would pay but disappeared when payout time came. Enough is enough. You've been scammed, I'd been scammed, no more of these. The best place to go when we are looking for legitimate sites would be another legitimate site. Why look elsewhere when Google has it all for you right before your very eyes? While it is true that there are indeed work-from-home sites that really pay, we need to also consider the fact that there are those who do not. How do you know that certain sites are real? Google them. Or you might want to go directly to a list of legit sites, you can also do that. But one thing is sure. Just look around and you actually have these sites right before your very eyes. Why go far? Why search high and low when they are happening right here?

We've had enough of scams. It is time to get serious in getting real online work. It is time to go after legitimate sites only. There is indeed a goldmine awaiting for us to discover.

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