Monday, May 28, 2007

this week's blog feature: the vegan prince

The Vegan Prince
Our first featured blog of the week has on its header the title in green "the vegan prince" - clean, symbolic, direct. A quick look at the blog will tell you that the blogger here knows what he is saying. He practices it and therefore has the authority to talk about a topic which he says has become a passion: pets and as a consequence, veganism.
The template is unique, it shows the creativity of the owner and the language is easy and not strained. The blog runs in pure white background which makes it easy on the eyes. One good thing about this blog is its daily update and you can never tell what he's cooking next. It could be about Oprah's show, about a movie, or beauty pageants - these make the blog more alive and updated as the readers are sometimes led to other more pressing issues that are worth your while. When the dust has subsided, after all has been said and done, the vegan prince goes back to his true passion--- his pets and veganism. You must be tired of reading almost the same rants and money talk in bloggerville. Try this new recipe.

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