Tuesday, May 8, 2007


About two months ago an effort to drive traffic to new blogsites was launched. It was dubbed "Oplink4traffic" which stands for Operation Link for Traffic which was based on the principle that the number of new blogsites or websites is good enough to create the much-needed hits or visitors newbies need. There were only quite a few who responded and so the drive just sort of faded away.

Driving traffic to one's site is one of the biggest problems new website or weblog owners have to deal with. You will know this when you will have your own site. It is difficult to get noticed most especially that there are thousands of new websites or weblogs that are created everyday. Your site must be extraordinarily loaded with useful content and with multiple affiliations to amount to anything especially with Google.

Traffic. Hits. Visitors. Affiliations. Links. They are the same dog with different collars. We want people to come to our site. What do we do? First , get the site noticed. Make people know that your site exists. One way of doing this is by joining in different forums where you can freely invite people to your site. Next, submit your site to blog or site directories. Third, link exchange---link them and they link you back. Use search-friendly keywords that will make your site appear when people type in what they are searching. And last but not the least, update your site regularly for it to be worth a comeback.

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