Friday, May 11, 2007

real traffic, yes vs. artificial traffic, no

Traffic. How does one gain real traffic in one's site?

This is one problem all new web owners have to face and solve if they are really serious about getting money from their sites. Advertisers want sites with many visitors. Obviously. The more visitors, the more chances their products or services will get the much-needed visibility to their targetted market. This also means more chances of earning more for the web owners whose sites carry ads for certain advertisers. Considering the relationship between visitors and the earnings derived from their visits, it is no wonder therefore that the primary concern of newbies is to have traffic in their sites. Because of this need or problem, a new breed of online marketers have come up with fast and easy solutiions to this problem. Thus, you get invited to sites that sell traffic or promise you this much traffic in exchange for something, money or service. But the purpose is to drive artificial traffic to your site.

Paying a certain site in order to drive visitors to your sites is not playing the game clean and square. Google does not condone this type of artificially-driven traffic. You need to work out ways of increasing traffic and the best guarantee is having first of all, a very good site so that a visit will result to another visit in the future. And always believe in word-of-mouth. Once some people notice how great your site is, they will refer it to others who will also do the same thing with their other friends. A good site will never let you down. Another way of getting in visitors is by having link exchange. Have your site linked to as many sites you know, and if possible, do all your mighty best to get linked to sites that are popular, sites that already have many visitors.

Never, never make the mistake of submitting your sites to sites that promise to give you thousands of visitors if you pay or accomplish the task of clicking 250 sites a day. That will be against the rules.

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