Friday, May 4, 2007

another one is born!

Before I came back to old reliable, believe me, I was into three other blogsites hoping there to find the pot of gold. I did go through the signing up stage and actually had started my first blog entries on those three blog sites when an alarm was set off. Sensing some danger, I went to a community where I am actively participating in discussions (I will tell you more about this later), started a discussion about those sites and learned that the members of those blogsites are having problems with them and are now planning to pull out their blogs. Am I not lucky today? I was saved from another trouble. I will talk about the scam site I recently got myself into, how I had wasted so much of my time and effort in that site, having revealed there my life and my soul in all my more than 300 entries and all for nothing.

This thing is not going to happen again, for, no matter how many blogs I intend to make, I have decided to have them all here at I will explain what I intend to be writing on this new blog which I call "Speak4Money".

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