Wednesday, May 9, 2007

is it all worth it?

In a forum where I am actively participating and earning as a member, one member was inviting anyone interested to sign up to a site that pays monthly to display banners of their site. Payment is per number of banners you display and you also get paid for the clicks people make on these banners.

My question is, is it all worth it? I mean taking chances on some of these new sites that do not have any track record yet? Of course, I know that sites need to start somewhere but I believe that going for legitimate sites that are already recognized and known for their good practices is more advisable. If certain ads will go against or will be in conflict with the ads that you already have in your site, then it is best to make a choice between this or that. I cannot imagine putting all other ads from different paying sites on your page. It will be like a riot. There is going to be chaos when there is too much clutter.

My final word is, keep the most legitimate one. That is where real money is.


ma. shayne krizel said...

hey there! I saw your site link at mylot.. and I hope we can exchange links.. I have a google adsense too.. ;)

funny said...

Oh, yes. What is your link?