Sunday, May 20, 2007

plunge for the money

I have submitted this blog for review (the nerve!) at another blog that does precisely that---review other people's blogs and mind you, they had warned us that they are mean and nasty! But this fact does not daunt me. Okey, they can get mean and nasty with me provided I get some traffic in their doing so.

I believe that another way of improving traffic is by submitting your blog for review or maybe I fear that in my case they will not only be reviewing mine but probably do some "murdering" in order for me to see what they mean. I can already see it coming. I don't think these gals will give a rating lower than 1. They promised to be good and I hope they won't give me a negative 1. He..he..he.. sorry gals for taking your time to see this not-so-bloggy blog. It's just an old woman's corner so I am ready to be rated at least with a 1.

The most important thing about is that it actually helps other people know that your lousy blogs exist. So now, I am having their link on all my 4 blogs just in case you want your blogs to be analyzed by these gals.